Building a Multilingual Site: Free vs. Premium Plugins

When it comes to building a multilingual site in WordPress, it’s necessary to turn to one of the third party plugins out there. Thankfully there are a couple of high quality options available, ranging from free offerings to premium plugins.

When it comes to creating a multilingual WordPress site there are two main approaches to consider. One is the creation of a partially multilingual site where either the published content is available in more than one language, or the WordPress admin dashboard is displayed in multiple languages. The other option is to create a site that is fully multilingual where both the published content and the admin area is available in more than one language.

WPML 2.8.2 for WordPress 3.6 Now Available

WordPress 3.6 is not quite ready for production sites yet, but WPML 2.8.2 is out already, with full compatibility for upcoming WordPress 3.6 features.

The major new feature in WordPress 3.6 is the post formats. This is a new (and much improved) GUI that makes the existing post formats feature a lot more usable and fun.

Preparing Strings for Localization in Themes and Plugins

Many plugin and theme developers fail to properly prepare their plugins and themes for localization.

I suspect that rather than an unwillingness on their part to do this important task, it’s instead a case of getting confused about what’s needed.

So let me give you some examples to show how easy it is to prepare strings for localization.

WordPress Multilingual Plugin WPML Full Review

As the usage of WordPress continues to grow exponentially on a global level, so does the need for proper multilingual capabilities on WordPress websites.

Having your site’s content available in several languages makes business sense, after all. In a time where businesses are competing in a global market, you don’t want to leave any potential customers out in the cold just because you haven’t provided content in their native language.

Luckily, WordPress can be a joy to use when creating multilingual content, chiefly due to the presence of a fantastic plugin, aptly named WPML.

qTranslate Broken with 3.5? How to Painlessly Switch to WPML

Unfortunately the free qTranslate multilingual plugin has been playing up with version 3.5 of WordPress. If you have a multilingual site based on this plugin, you’re probably scratching your head or praying that an update will be released soon.

Want my recommendation? Move to WPML, the best multilingual plugin for WordPress, guaranteed.

Themeforest WPML Compatible Certified Themes

If multilanguage is a priority for you, you’re going to need a theme which handles multilingual functionality perfectly. The best multilingual plugin out there is definitely WPML, you just cannot go wrong with it. So our mission becomes that of finding themes that have been certified to work perfectly in conjunction with the WPML plugin.

Writing Multilingual WordPress Plugins

When you create a WordPress plugin for general distribution, it is always good practice to make it multilingual. Basically you need to make sure that it is easily translatable. You will be surprised at how many users will chip in to help you produce the language files for your plugin, if you have got a good user base of course.

WPML 2.6.1 Released

WPML 2.6.1 is released with a brand new Translation Analytics module, fixes that can make your life easier, and new e-commerce support.

The major news in this release is the full availability of the Translation Analytics module.

WPML vs Stella

Stella is a new multilanguage plugin created by Theme.fm. How does it compare to WPML?

WPML vs qTranslate

qTranslate is the most popular free multilanguage plugin for WordPress. This is frequently reason enough for you to use a plugin, however you might want to spend a few more minutes reflecting on whether it is best to use qTranslate or WPML for your multilingual WordPress site.

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