Beyond Multisite

Beyond Multisite: Supercharge Your WordPress Multisite

Beyond Multisite is a powerful plugin with 10 different modules made to give you the multisite features you were missing. It lets you hide plugins from site administrators, insert global HTML code for all or some sites, bulk delete comments, revisions, or sites, and much more!

Take control of your WordPress network and go to the next level with Beyond Multisite. Read more and explore all the cool features of the plugin.

Migrate a Multisite Subsite to a Single Site

How to Migrate a WordPress Multisite to a Single Site

Today we are going to take a potentially difficult scenario – how to migrate a WordPress multisite to a single site – and make it a little simpler. We will look at what multisite is, the benefits of using it, and two ways to split a multisite network into single sites so that you can give your growing sites room to grow and garner more success.

How to Migrate WordPress Multisite

Migrating a WordPress Multisite installation can be a tricky business. It’s not as straightforward as it is with single site installations, and there are no plugins to help you out. In this tutorial I highlight the steps I use to perform such Multisite migrations successfully.

Where to Find the Best WordPress Multisite Plugins and Themes

Lately I’ve been experimenting more and more with WordPress Multisite, mostly for the purpose of creating test sites for my plugins.

Good information about WordPress Multisite can be hard to come by, but I found the best tutorials, plugins and themes over at WPMUdev.

Should You be Using WordPress Multisite?

Many of you know about the existence of WordPress Multisite, and I’m sure quite a number of you are already using it in your projects. For the rest of us, however, how do we know when we should be using Multisite? Are we actually using Multisite when there is a much better solution using the default WordPress setup plus a plugin or two?

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