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Send Email Newsletters in 20 minutes

How to Set up and Send Email Newsletters Inside WordPress (in just 20 mins!)

Email marketing is a solid strategy for driving traffic to your website – but starting from scratch can be intimidating. In this guide, we’ll show you how to send your first newsletter with Newsletter Glue, including details on selecting your email service provider and collecting emails from subscribers.

Grow and Engage Your Mailing Lists with MailOptin

It seems as if every marketing blog or podcast over the past few years has been obsessed with mailing lists. It has been made clear that if you have a popular website but are not doing all you can to capture your visitors’ email addresses, you are an idiot.

The idea is that your website is only the starting point in your relationship with your readers. If the trust you establish through your content is enough for them to give you their email address, you now have the ability to regularly reach out and update them on what is going on at your site (or, more realistically, to remind them that your site exists).

DeliPress – Manage Your Newsletters and Opt-ins in Your WordPress Dashboard

Aren’t you tired of copy/pasting your posts into your newsletters? To connect on a different user interface to send your campaigns? And search the plugin directory for a form or popup to grow your list? DeliPress is a newsletter and opt-in forms plugins fully integrated into your WordPress dashboard that will save you a lot of time.

Your Weekly Dose of WordPress from WP Mayor

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It’s a compilation of the best posts, plugins, themes, podcasts and tutorials from around the WordPress world, along with a couple of business tips to help you on your way to building a successful WordPress business.

Managing Email Lists with WordPress

Email newsletters have become very popular in the recent years. And it’s no longer just a tool for email marketers, big brands, direct marketers, or some not-so-nice shady scam artists. Oh no.

Email newsletters are on the light side of the force now, and in my opinion, every WordPress blog should use them to develop better relationships with their audience, and get one more channel through which they can deliver content.

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