Payment Gateway

Delve into payment gateway integration in WordPress, covering plugins and techniques to securely process online payments for products or services on your website. Learn about payment gateway options, setup, and best practices for providing a seamless payment experience to your customers.

AidWP Review

AidWP Review – A WordPress Stripe Donation Plugin

Looking for the best WordPress Stripe donation plugin? There are a few different ways to accept donations in WordPress. Donations are a must-have for non-profits, those running fundraisers, and creators offering unique pricing. We take a look at AidWP to see if it’s the best solution for accepting Stripe donations and payments on your WordPress site.

How Fluent Forms Integrations Can Transform Your Business Growth

How Fluent Forms’ Integrations Can Transform Your Business Growth

Fluent Forms lets you build forms with ease, but it provides the functionality to do plenty more. Our post will show you how to use Fluent Forms’ integrations to assist you on a daily basis. You’ll be able to leave Fluent Forms to the mundane work, while you can concentrate on growing your business!

Split Pay Plugin vs Marketplace Plugins

Split Pay Plugin vs Marketplace Plugins: A Showdown of Payment Simplicity

Setting up a WordPress marketplace requires a plugin, but there are so many available solutions. What’s more, they might not all suit your needs. As such, our latest post will look at the Split Pay plugin vs marketplace plugins available for WordPress to see which one might suit your needs the best!

How to Automate Vendor Payments in Woo with the Split Pay Plugin

How to Automate Vendor Payments in Woo with the Split Pay Plugin

If you want to dedicate more time to the most important parts of your business, automation will be necessary. However, there are only a few WordPress. plugins that can do this. In our latest post, we’ll show you how to automate vendor payments in Woo with the Split Pay plugin!

Split Pay Plugin Review

Split Pay Plugin Review: Automating Revenue Sharing on WooCommerce

Sharing payments between parties can be complex. This is especially true if you run a charity, partnership, or marketplace. WordPress comes to the rescue though. Our review looks at the Split Pay plugin for WooCommerce, and how it can help you!

WooCommerce Crypto Payments Using CoinGate

How to Accept WordPress Crypto Payments Using CoinGate

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to accept 70+ cryptocurrencies on any WordPress site, along with a special integration for WooCommerce stores. You don’t need any technical knowledge – just follow the simple steps.