Intro to Core Web Vitals

An Introduction to Core Web Vitals of PageSpeed

Since their algorithm update in June 2021, Google effectively sees page experience as an important factor in terms of SEO. And the most critical part of the “Page Experience Update” is what Google calls Core Web Vitals. In this post, we’re going to go through what it is, and understand why each metric matters.

A2 Optimized

A2 Optimized – All You Need for Speed & Security

As a WordPress user, there are two particular things you should pay close attention to; speed and security. If you’re not concerned with these, you should be. They could end up being extremely costly not just down the road, but right now.

WP Mayor Guide to WordPress Content Delivery Networks

A comprehensive guide to using content delivery networks in WordPress – how they work, their benefits, and benchmark results of an experimental site with and without using a CDN. We then list some of the best free and premium CDNs for WordPress.

4 Easy Tips for WordPress Performance Optimization

Choosing a good host is part of running a WordPress site, but many users wonder where to go from there. A properly optimized WordPress site can not only allow you to serve your customers better, but also greatly decreases your server loads. In the web hosting world, a few extra seconds to load your site could be the difference in converting a customer to a sale. In this article, we’ll show you how to improve server performance and page speed by leveraging things like browser caching and CDNs.

Tools to Check your Website’s Loading Time

When optimising WordPress sites, you always need to check how long it takes to load your pages, and you need a good reliable tool to do that, as your own internet connection might be unreliable, or there could be caching distorting the results.

Here are some good tools that can help you with benchmarking.

If you need help in making your website go faster, get in touch because we can help out with that.

How To Optimize WordPress Queries

Although WordPress is a system that performs well in general, it’s worth delving a bit deeper into performance considerations when building plugins and themes for general distribution. You never know who will be using your plugin or theme, it might be a site with thousands of posts. At that level, the difference between an efficient plugin/theme and one that is not will be very evident.

WordPress Speed Optimization Guide

The load speed of your website is essential, you need a fast site because slow sites annoy users, meaning less visitors to your site. Secondly, search engines also consider the speed of your site when generating their rankings. There are a number of factors influencing the load speed of a WordPress site, so in this post we will examine the top 5 factors that affect WP site load speed.

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