WordPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021!


Subscriptio – A Hassle Free Way to Manage WooCommerce Subscriptions

If like me, you’re also an e-store owner who sells products and services that require recurring payments and subscription renewals, and if keeping track of these subscriptions and payment reminders is eating away your time then I would suggest you install WordPress WooCommerce plug-in and benefit from its Subscriptio extension.

CM Tooltip Glossary Pro+ Review

CM Tooltip Glossary Pro+ Review

Do you often find yourself providing explanations to the terms used in your posts? Would you like a way to not only save time, but also make your content more understandable? If so, adding a glossary to your site is the best way to counter these issues.

CM Tooltip Glossary Pro+ is a plugin that allows you to add a custom glossary to your WordPress site. Read our full review and find out how easy it is to use and what features are included.

Introducing CMS Commander: Bulk Manage All Your Weblogs From One Dashboard

CMS Commander is a service that allows you to manage any number of WordPress websites from a single dashboard. Almost 2 year old the service has just received a major facelift with the release of version 2.0. Automatic backups, 1-click updates, bulk article posting, uptime monitoring and many other features allow you to save a lot of time while taking care of multiple blogs.

Announcing Xtendify – Plugins and Themes Marketplace

A typical website consists of three important things – Content, Theme and Plugins. Today, every web designer is looking for great themes and plugins to enhance their website. Well, everyone is in luck!

Churchthemes.com Does it Different

Churchthemes.com is a new shop providing WordPress themes for churches. They launched earlier this week and are doing things a little different. Not only are they targeting a very specific niche, but they have also implemented what they suggest is a truly sustainable business model and are “doing it right” with a church-centric functionality plugin for post types and other content that should be portable.

The Ultimate 2015 Guide to WordPress SEO Plugins

Performing a search on Wordpress.org or Google for SEO plugins returns a significant amount of useful information including lists, reviews, comparisons, and of course the plugins themselves. Nonetheless choosing the right Wordpress SEO plugin remains a headache. This guide takes a different approach and goes into a bit more detail than many other lists.

New Plugin for Showing LinkedIn Groups in WordPress

A new plugin has just been released that allows you to show LinkedIn group information directly on your WordPress site. The plugin is called LinkedIn Groups for WP and is great news for group owners who want to show information about their group on their site.

Video User Manuals Winner Announcement!

Last week we partnered up with Video User Manuals to get you an awesome giveaway! We promised that the best comment would be awarded by a lifetime license to the Video User Manuals plugin valued at $288 per year!

MaxBlogPress Giveaway Winners Announcement!

Last week we partnered up with MaxBlogPress – a software development company focusing on creating WordPress plugins and tools for helping bloggers get most out of their blogs. Today is the time to draw the winners!

Secure Your WordPress Site, Lock Stock and Barrel

There is no point in having an array of locks at your disposal, if you do not use them, or don’t know how to use them to safeguard your property. In the case of information, especially your private information, a heavy duty lock is what you need at all times. To protect, in this case, a repository of valuable information, it is important to have a good lock and ensure that it is fixed strongly to the door.

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