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The Best Optin Plugins for WordPress

The most effective way of marketing a business online is through email. Social media is growing at a very rapid rate, and some might say it’s more important than email, but that is like building on rented land. Having a strong email list to send your news right into their inbox is the best way to promote your business.

The best place to start building your email list is probably through an optin form. This comes in many forms, ranging from sidebars to a popup message. Whatever the case they are bound to turn your one time visitors into recurring ones that might also sign up to your newsletter (if you have one).

New Themes for Your WordPress Site (Plus some fresh plugins)

Here we go with a new collection of fresh, new and useful WordPress themes, all of them are free and ready to use, additionally we have curated some nice WordPress plugins you can easily integrate with your current WP environment.

What’s the Best WordPress Search Plugin?

WordPress’ search function has always suffered to keep up with the rest of the developments in WP, so the use of a search plugin is absolutely necessary. Here’s a list of the best ones available right now.

The Top WordPress Backup Plugins in 2014

Backing up your WordPress site is something you should take very seriously. If your site gets hacked or you somehow get locked out, you will have no other option but to rely on your backups to get your site back up and running the way it was.

These backups can be managed and stored in various ways. You can do them manually or use an automatic service that does it for you. In turn these backups can be stored on your computer or on some other storage service such as Dropbox.

Visual Developer – CSS Modifications Made Easy

Whether you’re a developer with years of coding knowledge or a complete newbie whose barely ever heard of CSS, I’m sure you’ve wondered about ways of simplifying the customization process of your WordPress site.

There exist drag-and-drop builder plugins, fully customizable themes and all that, but now there’s a new kid on the block – Visual Developer.

WordPress Groups on Facebook

Most of the programmers have never considered Facebook as a good resource where they can learn or code. On contrary to this belief, there are many forums available on internet where experienced coders are available for help. Some are free and few charge for the services.

Organizing Your WordPress Plugins

WordPress is an amazing content management system right out of the box, but to really stand out from the crowd and improve conversion you’ll need a few plugins. There are so many plugins available for WordPress that deciding which to use and which to avoid can be an overwhelming process. This list will cover plugins that are essential, plugins that are not so essential, and how to manage them.

Best WordPress LMS, Course Building and eLearning Plugins

More and more small businesses, professionals and experts are starting to realize that they can make a good living from selling access to their expertise online. And while this area used to be dominated by ebooks and downloadable pdfs, these days the way to get your customers through the door is by offering courses, often including interactive discussion forums, video and other assessment tools.

And be they called eLearning, Learning Management Systems (LMSs) or plain old course builders, WordPress is an awesome platform on which you can build your profitable online course.

So, to help you make the decision of which course building plugin for Wordpress to choose, we’ve done a roundup and review of the top contenders, rated them and chosen our winner.

Free Resources for WordPress and Web Professionals

Here we have a new collection with 25 freebies just for you. They conform a fantastic set of tools that will help you with your next WordPress blog entry or web development endeavor. You will find elements going from massive icon sets to useful jQuery plugins, UI kits, interesting articles on blogging and design and much more, so make sure you take anything you need or like.

Protecting Your Premium Plugins from Unauthorised Reselling

There are a number of posts on WordPress blogs (including our own take on the GPL and potential abuse) that deal with WordPress plugin and theme licensing. Many people don’t really understand the concept of open source software, and either view it as a sure way to financial ruin or the best thing ever as there is no protection and everything is free.

It’s not so straightforward. Many websites have sprung up during the past year or two reselling WordPress plugins and themes. One of the biggest ‘victims’ are Woothemes whose add-ons for WooCommerce are now easily available from other websites for a very small fraction of the price that Woo sells them for.

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