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GravityView – The best way to display Gravity Forms entries on your website

There are plenty of businesses and web developers out there who have the need to showcase a certain type of directory listing on their sites. Be it to show all the cars on a car dealer’s website, or to list job posts, or even to just display your forms’ entries in a simple table style, you will need a plugin that can make it easy and efficient, while looking sleek and professional. GravityView seems to do just that. GravityView is a plugin developed by Zack Katz at Katz Web Services, the developer behind the original Gravity Forms Directory add-on plugin. After deciding to improve on his directory plugin, he came up with this – an easier to use and more powerful version.

My Eyes Are Up Here – A simple solution to face detection for your thumbnails

Creating a good looking thumbnail image for any post type is one of the first ways to attract your visitors’ attention to that section of the site. Showcasing an uninteresting part of an image could deter a visitor from going anywhere near that particular post. This is where My Eyes Are Up Here comes in. It’s a simple plugin that uses face recognition and hotspots to feature the best part of your image as the thumbnail.

6 Essential WordPress Tips for Beginners

Starting out with Wordpress can be pretty daunting though – and it’s not the easiest platform to get your head around in those initial stages. In fact, without doing a fair bit of research first, you might find yourself tripping up on even the simplest of tasks – that may not have been overly obvious to you. Here I’ve tried to put together some tips for WordPress beginners (because we all have to start somewhere). These tips will help you create an attractive website using WordPress, but most importantly – a functioning website too that works well and does it’s job.

The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Plugin

Are you a plugin developer in need of some ideas on how to promote your plugin?

Here’s your goldmine, just came across this excellent article on how to promote your plugin using a variety of methods. Check it out!

Thoughts on WordPress Pricing Models

In recent months there’s been quite a bit of discussion surrounding the pricing of WordPress premium plugins.

It all started with a post from Chris Lema. He suggested that WordPress plugin prices are too low. He followed that up with another post about pricing plugins by value. Both are essential readers for all plugin developers. The first post drew a huge number of comments, many of which are also very eye-opening.

Handy WordPress Plugins for Plugins

Strange title? I know, but today we are really considering WordPress plugins that help us in the management of other plugins. You might not have come across the plugins we are going to mention, but they sure are handy if you’re a developer working with WordPress sites on a daily basis.

What to Do When a WordPress Plugin Causes Your Website to Crash

It doesn’t matter how careful you are. At some point of another, a plugin is going to cause your WordPress website to crash. The only way to avoid a crash is to have a test area that is an exact clone of your live website; with the same plugins, posts, pages and theme. Whilst I am a strong advocate of actively using a test area to try out new plugins and changes, I do not believe it is practical to keep an exact duplicate of your live website, particularly if that website has a lot of content. So realistically, you’re going to have to deal with a problematic plugin in the future.

Versioning When Developing WordPress Plugins

I’ve made it a habit to use versioning while developing WordPress plugins, it helps keep everything organised and safe.

You of course also need to use version control when uploading plugins to the repository. Here are the two main applications I’m using. One of them is for Git, which I use locally on my Mac, and the other is for Subversion, which I use to upload plugins to the repository.

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