A Collection of ‘Role Model’ Plugins

Lately as I delve deeper into plugin development, I’ve been keeping a WordPress installation where I have a few of the most exemplary plugins installed and activated. That way, when I have some doubt about user interface, or how to perform a particular piece of functionality, I can always refer to one of these plugins.

Best Lightbox Plugins for WordPress

A lightbox is one of the best ways to present images and videos in WordPress, and there are understandably quite a number of plugins to choose from.

Lets take a look at some of the best lightbox plugins out there.

Best Invoicing Plugins for WordPress

If you’re a freelancer working with WordPress, sooner or later you will need a good invoicing application to generate estimates and bill your clients. There are various options to choose from if you are interested in an invoicing system that works on WordPress.

Best Question & Answer Plugin for WordPress

If you want to implement a Question and Answer site, similar to the uber popular Stackexchange or Yahoo Answers, you have a variety of WordPress-based solutions you can try out. Let’s see what these options are.

Best Google Maps Plugins for WordPress

In this post we take a look at how Google Maps works and examine the best Google Maps plugins for WordPress. Everything from a simple map for one location to maps showing user’s search results!

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