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How WordPress Users Can Survive the GDPR

The thing that attracted many of us to WordPress is that it allows you to do a lot with an extremely small budget. Where, previously, a team of developers might spend weeks or months working to enable some specific functionality, and a team of designers might spend a similar amount of time to achieve a certain look, suddenly an ordinary person, with no coding ability, could find plugins and themes that would allow them to achieve the same thing within a few hours.

optinmonster is one of the best popup plugins for wordpress

6 Best Popup Plugins For WordPress To Grow Your List + More

Love them or hate them, popups, especially those that push people to subscribe to your email list, are a digital marketing tactic that is here to stay.

But if you want to dip your toes into the world of popups, you’re going to need a WordPress popup plugin to help you do it.

To help you find the plugin that’s right for your needs, I collected some of the best free and premium popup plugins for WordPress.

PopUps: Powerful Lead Generators or a Slippery Slope to Spam?

Since the birth of the internet, popup ads have come in storm. At Christmas time it is the full force of a tornado. They have become everyday interruptions to our browsing and it often feels like the internet would be a much nicer place if they didn’t exist. But should companies continue to make use of them? Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of using popup ads to generate leads and build mailing lists.

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