Pricing Strategy

Delve into pricing strategies for products or services in WordPress, covering techniques for setting competitive and profitable prices. Learn about pricing models, discount strategies, and how to optimize pricing for your target audience.

Create a Tiered Pricing Table for WooCommerce Review

Would you like to offer wholesale pricing on products in your WooCommerce store? If you sell large quantities of certain products, then you should consider adding a tiered pricing table for WooCommerce.

Create WooCommerce Quantity Based Pricing

How To Create WooCommerce Quantity Based Pricing

Quantity-based discounts in WooCommerce allow you to offer percentage or price discounts based on the quantity of the product purchased by your customers. In this article, I’ll show you how to set up WooCommerce quantity based pricing for any product in your online store.

Roles & Rules B2B Review

Roles & Rules B2B Review: Role-Based Pricing for WooCommerce

Roles & Rules B2B helps you set up role-based pricing on your WooCommerce store, along with features to add bulk dynamic pricing and hide products if needed. In our Roles & Rules B2B review, we’ll give you a hands-on look at how this plugin works.

Choosing the Right Dynamic Pricing Plugin for Your WooCommerce Store

Choosing the right plugin for your ecommerce store can difficult especially when there’s a good number of plugins available. This article attempts to help you in your journey of finding the right dynamic pricing and discounts plugin. Though each of the top pricing plugins are equally useful yet they have certain differences. Based on these differences, you can decide which plugin would be right for your store.

8 Premium WordPress Pricing Tables to Increase Sales

Pricing tables provide a quick means for your visitors to determine the value of your product. Achieving the perfect balance between its design and the information it displays can be tricky.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best premium pricing table plugins that will help you increase sales.

Easy, Good Looking Pricing Tables with ARPrice

Whether you’re selling a WordPress plugin with various license options, web hosting with multiple pricing plans, or any other product or service that has more than one pricing plan, you’ve probably needed or created some form of pricing table.

Find Out How ARPrice, the Most Advanced WordPress Pricing Table Plugin Works

Developed by Reputeinfosystems and with an average rating of 4.53 at CodeCanyon , ARPrice is now considered the best WordPress Pricing Table Plugin on the market. With more than 170 Pricing Table features ready to use on your website to set the pricing comparison tables, and a huge collection of extraordinary templates, the plugin is easy to work with and has a lot to offer.