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6 Ways To Engage Your Customers Via Their Receipts

About a month ago we announced the latest addition to our receipts: Feedback.

At the time, we said that Feedback was designed to leverage the engagement opportunity that e-mail receipts presents. To be brutally honest though, this was based purely on our theoretical assumptions and we had no idea how our merchants and their customers would use this.

How eCommerce Companies Can Use Email Receipts To Boost Sales and Accelerate Growth

Growing up, my mother insisted that I hold onto the receipt whenever I purchased something. But like most kids, I rarely listened. Within minutes of purchase, the receipt would find itself in a nearby receptacle. I seldom exchanged or returned things, so I never needed to use it. It wasn’t until retailers began printing coupons on the backs of their receipts that I started to pay attention.

Receiptful for WooCommerce - WordPress Plugin

Receiptful Review: Supercharge Your Emails to Boost Online Sales

People that have already purchased from you are most likely to purchase from you again in the future.  In fact, loyal customers are often worth up to ten times as much as their original purchase. And, capitalizing on this fact can be as easy as boosting your communication with current customers using WooCommerce’s newest product – Receiptful.

Here at WP Mayor we have shown you ways to increase revenue via affiliate marketing.  We have also shared our thoughts on the best available eCommerce plugins for your online shop, as well as the top WooCommerce themes supporting the popular WooCommerce plugin.

However, today we are going to show you an even better way to drive revenue using nothing more than what you already have: an email and a customer. Oh, and of course the Receiptful plugin. You need that too!

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