Customize Your WordPress Admin with the Material WP Plugin

With each update, the features and functionality behind WordPress continue to improve. But when it comes to the WordPress admin interface, it’s pretty much looked the same for years, even when WordPress 3.8 tried to bring us a fresher design.

This has opened the door for WordPress plugin developers to create WordPress admin themes that allow for unique, custom-branded interfaces. One such offering is a premium plugin called Material WP, from the people at 732.

Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics Review for WordPress

Ever since the moment Internet traffic from mobile devices exceeded traditional computers, marketers and analysts noticed a monumental shift toward the “mobile first” world. The time for monolithic desktop PCs were slowly coming to a standstill.

Reviewing the Specular WordPress Theme

Specular is a multi-purpose business theme from Codeless that not only offers a large variety of ready-made demos, but also lets you customize the theme before purchasing it.

That’s right, you can customize any demo you’d like, in any way you’d like, without any coding skills, and have your brand spanking new WordPress site up and running in no time.

WP Sessions ~ Developing Your WordPress Skills With Expert Help

Whatever level of WordPress developer you are, I’m pretty sure you’ve all wished you were a bit better at one aspect of it or another. But finding the ideal online course, or forum, or other place to get help, is never an easy task.

No matter how many sites you visit, forums you frequent, and groups you turn to, nothing will beat getting advice from the top WordPress developers in the world. Following some of their blogs and such might be a good way to start, but the ideal solution would be a single location that brings together all these experts, and their expertise.

That’s where WP Sessions comes in.

Incentivibe Review

Incentivibe Contest Service Review

If you’ve ever wanted to run a contest on your site, but lack the funds to offer a decent prize, then Incentivibe will be of great interest to you. Incentivibe allows business and website owners to group together in order to offer big contest prizes, while only paying a fraction of the cost.

Whereas traditionally a single site’s budget might not stretch to a $500 giveaway for a contest, by using Incentivibe, it is now possible to split the cost of funding the prize with other site owners, with each contributor being able to promote the contest on their own site.

InfiniteWP Review

I’ve recently been invited to try out the InfiniteWP service, and after some weeks of usage, I’m here to report my findings about it. Check out the article to see why I believe InfiniteWP is one of the best services in the multi site management niche.

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