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WP Rich Snippets: Publish Professional Looking Reviews in WordPress

WP Rich Snippets is a plugin that adds a review template to your WordPress post editor, which makes it perfect for publishing professional looking reviews on your website.

The reviews can contain custom rating criteria, user ratings, pros and cons, calls to actions, and lots more, to help make your reviews standout from the competition and enegage your readers.

Find out how this plugin works and how easy it is to use in our WP Rich Snippets review.

Best Rich Snippets Plugins for WordPress

We recently discussed microformats and microdata, and today we’ll expand a bit more on this topic.

All of us are probably interested in improving our click through rates (CTR) from the search engine results pages (SERPs), and one excellent way to do this is to use microformats. They are a set of agreed upon HTML conventions used to describe content, can give you more control of the snippets displayed in Google SERPs.

Structured Contact Data for WordPress: Why You Should Use Microformats

Contact data on a website are essential : they allow visitors to get in touch with you, your company, to seek assistance, feedback, or even a simple discussion. But they need to get to your website first. How about displaying these contact data directly on the search results page ?

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