Security Plugins

Delve into the world of security plugins for WordPress, focusing on tools designed to protect your website from threats like hacking, malware, and brute force attacks. Learn about features such as firewalls, security scanning, and secure login mechanisms. This tag is essential for WordPress users looking to enhance their site’s security and safeguard their online presence against cyber threats.

7 WordPress Plugins to Beef Up Site Security

Few problems hold the collective imaginations of WordPress bloggers in the fearful grips of panic more than site security. We work hard on our content, and safeguarding it is vital to both fiscal and emotional well-being. The sad truth about the state of human affairs is the same as it’s been for the entirety of our existence: some of us a jerks. If a few have the power, knowledge, and wherewithal to dominate, destroy, or even slightly irritate others for no other reason than personal enjoyment, more than just a few will act on it.

All In One WP Security & Firewall Plugin Review

WordPress is very secure in itself, but as you probably all know, there are always improvements you can make to make your sites even more secure.

There is always a need for protection from potential hackers, viruses, and various other threats. One of the ways to eliminate these security threats is to use a WordPress security plugin.

Getting Rid of your WordPress Passwords

How often do you forget your password? If you’re like the rest of us, it seems like it happens every other minute. Passwords are one of the worst parts of the web. They are a constant blockade between where we are and where we need to be, they waste billions of dollars worth of time every year, and creating a new one feels worse than cleaning a toilet. On top of all that, we have to remember more than 25 of them!

Best Password Plugins for WordPress

Unsafe passwords are a major cause of WordPress being hacked, so lets see what plugins can help us out in this department. Here are the ones I use on my sites.

Rublon Review

Today we are reviewing the Rublon plugin. This is a plugin that hardens your WordPress login process. In other words, it makes your login process more secure.

Best Plugins for Fixing Hacked WordPress Websites

Here are a couple of plugins I always rely on for identifying and fixing malware on hacked WordPress websites.

Even with these tools, ridding a hacked site of malware and malicious code is not a task for the faint of heart. If you want to leave things in the hands of professionals, I recommend that you trust Sucuri to clean your website and restore it to its former glory.

Top 10 Essential WordPress Security Plugins

With hackers and spammers taking a keen interest in breaking the security of WordPress blogs, we review the top WordPress security plugins available today.