Are You Using Pre-Made Layouts?

When you are looking for a multipurpose WordPress theme that will best serve your needs, you are quite naturally going to be checking out such features as responsiveness, ease of customization, SEO, optimization, and others, with fast page loading being one of the most important of all. Fast page loading, coupled with ease of customization, are significant website development time savers. Not to be overlooked however, is the importance of having a pre-made, easily customizable, layout at your fingertips.

WordPress ShortCodes: Creation, Parameters and Benefits

Shortcodes are brought to life since WordPress version 2.5. Generally, they come bundled with plugins, and sometimes themes. In all likelihoods, you have used them at a certain point of time while managing WordPress.

The Beginner’s Handbook
From an introduction on how WordPress works to our recommendations on products and services.

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