Sangar Slider – An Easy-to-Use, Layered WordPress Slider Plugin

There’s tons and tons of WordPress slider plugins out there. All provide the same solution, which is slider functionality for WordPress. You won’t want to miss one slider plugin that is still “hot-from-the-oven” at the moment, the Sangar Slider, brought to you by Tonjoo Studio. Sangar Slider comes with very handy features such as drag-and-drop, layer editor, API, template system, smooth animation and much more. This slider is also available in a free version.

For Bloggers and Developers: How to Improve User Experience on Your Website

When it comes to judge about a website we usually take a number of factors into account. We look at its content, layout, speed, navigation, colors, images, font and readability, etc.  These aspects do matter when we first come across a particular website, but there’s still one simple, yet very important thing, that we do pay very much attention to.

Slidedeck Review – Image Slider Plugin for Your WordPress Website

A slider for videos, slideshow-maker, gallery slider or a content slider – SlideDeck is your best bet to make your website more visually pleasing. This comprehensive plugin is packed with advanced features to create slideshows for your website. You can add multiple content sources, html slides and custom layouts.

Free Responsive Category Slider – a Breakthrough of WordPress Content Slider

Creation of several free and paid WordPress plugins helped us solve many specific and necessary needs. We’ve recently reviewed an interesting plugin that enable users to build up various styled sliders from their available posts and products – Responsive Category Slider developed by

Unearth Your Best Content with Infinite Slider

If you have a lot of content pages on your blog, it may become increasingly hard to show off the very best of them on one page. For long years dynamic image sliders (or sometimes called carousels) tried to help you achieve exactly that. While the variety of these seems endless, the current trend is to display one gigantic photo after another with a pause of 2-3 seconds between them.

5 Ways to Use a Slider

We all know how useful content sliders are for showcasing top articles or posts on your website. In fact, if you’re reading a WordPress blog, there’s a good chance it has a WordPress slider plugin front and center. But content carousels are not all sliders are good for.

The jQuery and WordPress sliders have evolved, now they rock.

The new trend that is slightly becoming a standard in the web design process is the implementation of responsive design, it adds beauty and versatility to the front-end websites that are being built.

Following this great trend, the Shock Family has developed a wonderful jQuery and WordPress based slider.

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