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Smart Footer System Offers Feature-Rich Custom Footers

Smart Footer System is a WordPress plugin that lets you take control of your footers. No longer is your footer an afterthought. Easily create custom footers that will help you increase conversions with relevant promotions, advertisements, and calls-to-action.

How to Add a Beautiful Animated Slider with Smart Slider 3

Sliders are a great way to present various types of content to your website’s visitors while also ensuring that your site is aesthetically pleasing and attractive to the visitors’ eye. Many WordPress themes come bundled with sliders, however it’s a good idea to look at and work with a slider plugin that you choose. Here we take a look at one of the best plugins currently on the market – Smart Slider 3.

Reviewing the MotoPress Slider Plugin

Sliders are commonplace on many WordPress sites, and even though they’ve got some stick for possibly slowing down some sites or not fitting in with the latest web design trends, there are still some great options out there.

In fact, as long as you find a slider plugin that looks great, works smoothly and doesn’t bog down your site, you can create some impressive sliders can really grab your visitors’ attention.

Introducing MotoPress Slider.

Best WordPress Slider Plugins in 2014

Anyone who has had a lot of content that they want to show directly on their homepage has, at one time or another, considered or used a slider. These sliders are a good way to showcase and highlight your important content, while at the same time grabbing your viewers’ attention from the moment they open your site. They can be used to display multiple images, as well as videos and other content, depending on the purpose of your site.

There are a lot of slider plugins out there, however not all serve their purpose well. Some of them are slow, mainly due to the fact that they won’t be coded well enough, resulting in an increase in your page load time. This should be a major factor when choosing the plugin you want to use, as slow loading times can push visitors away from the get go. Others are not that easy to use for beginners, while most aren’t even responsive. The use of a responsive theme is vital nowadays, and not having a responsive plugin could undo all your hard work. Make sure you pick a plugin that would look as good on your phone as it would on a desktop.

Best WordPress Sliders in 2014

Sliders continue to be a super popular way to spice up a website’s homepage, so in this post we’ll be taking a look at the best WordPress sliders that are available to you in 2014.

Soliloquy Turns 1 Year Old Today!

One year ago today Soliloquy was launched to the public. From its humble beginnings until now, Soliloquy’s developer Thomas Griffin has sought to make it the best responsive WordPress slider plugin on the market. Today is no different! With the creation of the Dynamic Addon and all of the other sweet features, it’s hard to find a better, more compact and efficient solution for sliders in WordPress.

Royal Slider WordPress Content Slider Review

You all know what a content slider is, they’ve been some of the most popular and sought after elements on websites for the past few years now. There’s a whole sea of free and premium sliders, but only a few stand head and shoulders above the rest. I believe Royal Slider is one of them.

Soliloquy Review – Is this the Best WordPress Slider Plugin Ever?

Slider plugins remain among the most requested plugins for WordPress. With all those different slider plugins available, it’s difficult to find one that rises over and above the others and truly provides a memorable experience, both for users and developers.

Soliloquy is one of the most well-known slider plugins for WordPress, and today we’ll be taking a closer look at it. Does it live up to its billing of “best Responsive WordPress slider plugin”?

Best WordPress Gallery Plugins

Galleries are an essential part of many websites, they are a sticky area where site visitors tend to linger a bit more and learn more about your or your services.

WordPress does not have any in-built photo gallery management functionalities, although it must be said that there exists a concept of galleries in the WordPress core. It allows you to insert a batch of images into a post or page, but not much more than that.

For a proper gallery solution, we have to look at third party plugins, thankfully there are quite a number of excellent ones to choose from.

ken burns sliders

Best WordPress Slider Plugins in 2013

As we make a start to a brand new year, slideshow and content slider plugins remain very popular with WordPress users. We have rounded up the best WordPress slider plugins in 2012 and we are back again to give you the hottest slider plugins to use in 2013.

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