Inspirational 2014 Reviews from WordPress Plugin Developers

The end of December usually means we’re going to see many blog posts about New Year’s resolutions and year reviews all around the web. Of particular interest to me are the reviews pertaining to people in the WordPress community.

Thankfully, we are blessed with being part of a a very open and transparent community. A good number of developers not only tell us how their business has fared but some of them even share their numbers for full disclosure. These posts are hugely inspirational for those who are just starting off or thinking about starting a WordPress business.

Soliloquy Turns 1 Year Old Today!

One year ago today Soliloquy was launched to the public. From its humble beginnings until now, Soliloquy’s developer Thomas Griffin has sought to make it the best responsive WordPress slider plugin on the market. Today is no different! With the creation of the Dynamic Addon and all of the other sweet features, it’s hard to find a better, more compact and efficient solution for sliders in WordPress.

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