Speed Optimization

Navigate the world of speed optimization in WordPress, focusing on techniques and tools to improve your website’s loading times and performance. Learn about optimization plugins, image compression, and code minification to enhance user experience and SEO rankings.

How and Why to Disable Comments in WordPress

How and Why to Disable Comments in WordPress

Quickly tailor your WordPress site’s comment settings with our guide. Learn to disable comments either across your entire site or on specific posts using both Gutenberg and classic editors, streamlining your site for a better user experience.

WordPress Speed Need a Boost? Here’s What You Need to Know

Imagine you run a WordPress blog for boat repair and product reviews. You have a significant reader base who love your in-depth analysis, but recently, you’ve been receiving feedback about slow load times. You’ve noticed a slight drop in traffic as well, which might be due to the slow speed. Now, you decide to take action to optimize your website speed.

NitroPack Review

NitroPack Review: WordPress Site Speed Optimization on Easy Mode

NitroPack is a comprehensive site speed optimization plugin for WordPress (and other platforms). In one tool, and with just a few clicks, you can implement pretty much every tactic needed to make your site load fast. In our hands-on NitroPack review, we’ll give you a detailed look at how it works.

Podcast - WP Speed Fix

Optimizing Your WordPress Site with WP Speed Fix

Do you need help with your website’s speed? Is it too slow? Configured wrong? Is your cheap hosting not good enough? Do you just want it to go from slow to fast or just fast enough? Speed is only one thing to solve. In this episode, Jean and Gaby Galea talk to Brendan Tully about optimizing WordPress site speed with WP Speed Fix.

Intro to Core Web Vitals

An Introduction to Core Web Vitals of PageSpeed

Since their algorithm update in June 2021, Google effectively sees page experience as an important factor in terms of SEO. And the most critical part of the “Page Experience Update” is what Google calls Core Web Vitals. In this post, we’re going to go through what it is, and understand why each metric matters.

wp speed of light

WP Speed Of Light Review: It Made My Test Site 48% Faster!

People always tell you that you need your WordPress site to load fast. But…how do you actually make your WordPress site load fast? When you see those big lists of “75+ ways to speed up WordPress”, it’s easy to feel like WordPress performance is too complicated for you.

WP Speed Of Light is a plugin that tries to simplify WordPress performance by giving you an all-in-one solution to speed up your site. It’s simple enough for a total beginner to use, while still giving more advanced users detailed options.

12 DIY Tips to Improve Your WordPress Site’s Speed, SEO, and Usability

Bad news week – Your WordPress site is not perfect.

Good news week – You can fix it yourself.

You are not alone; it’s just something you need to work on. If you use the audit tools here on big sites like Moz.com andHuffingtonPost.com, you will find even they are less than perfect.

A2 Optimized

A2 Optimized – All You Need for Speed & Security

As a WordPress user, there are two particular things you should pay close attention to; speed and security. If you’re not concerned with these, you should be. They could end up being extremely costly not just down the road, but right now.