Theme Frameworks

Discover the world of theme frameworks in WordPress, offering a foundational structure for theme development. Learn about popular frameworks, their features, and how they can speed up the development process while providing flexibility and customization options. This tag is ideal for developers and designers seeking to create custom themes with a solid, reusable base, enhancing efficiency and consistency across WordPress projects.

Best WordPress Starter Themes & Theme Frameworks

22 Best WordPress Starter Themes & Theme Frameworks

WordPress starter themes and frameworks differ from one another, but they both speed up the development process of building new themes and websites. They’re hallmarks of WordPress’ open-source nature, giving developers head starts in creating new products.

Beans: An Easy, Free and Lightweight WordPress Theme Framework

Bloated themes are all the more common nowadays, with many theme developers choosing to include an abundance of features, and sometimes additional plugins, into their themes, leading to theme bloat. However, you sometimes just want a simple theme that gets the job done. One such theme framework is Beans; an easy-to-use, lightweight, well-documented, free and open-source WordPress theme framework.

WordPress Frameworks for Mass-Distribution Theme Development

Many WordPress developers are trying out their luck with selling themes on places like Themeforest or on their own site. Although it certainly seems like a crowded space, there is a lot of growth potential, in my opinion. Just take a look at one of our recent posts, where we asked which themes are missing from the market. We had quite a varied and interesting response to that question.

Genesis vs Thesis – Why do YOU Prefer Genesis?

During the last 2 weeks we’ve given some coverage to the Genesis vs Thesis debate. On my own Genesis vs Thesis review I leaned towards a preference to Genesis, however the comments to that review showed that there are people who love Thesis too.

I would now like to know why people so clearly prefer Genesis in the poll we conducted.