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27 Resources for WordPress in Higher Education

WordPress is quickly becoming the CMS of choice for colleges and universities. From WPCampus (the first conference specifically dedicated to WordPress in higher education) to WordCamp tracks devoted to higher ed, it’s easy to see how the community has embraced the unique needs of the higher education community.

How can you leverage the power of WordPress for your own institution? We’ve pulled together a massive list of resources to help you out.

Stop Looking for New Resources for your Website, We Have a Bunch Here

Hand-picked resources collected from across the internet this month counting on an artistic UI kit for mobiles, a neat invoice print template, a collection of proposal templates, wooden text effects for PhotoShop, a set of fully layered badges, an intuitive JavaScript library and more.

Simplify Authors Payments Management with Post Pay Counter

If you are running a multi-author website, you certainly know that paying out writers is not exactly the most exciting task of your routine. You usually have to look at each post, compute its value depending on length, visits, ads revenues, and other custom criteria; then you need to sum up all post values from a single author and finally pay him. Repeat for all your writers. What if this waste of time could be eliminated?

The free WordPress plugin Post Pay Counter will get the hassle off of you. It automates every part of payments management and frees time that can be used for more productive matters.

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