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How to Monetize Your WordPress Videos (Using the WP Video Monetize Plugin)

Earning from your content is crucial for success, and videos are an easy content type to monetize. As such, finding a solution that is not only easy to use, but suits your workflow will add to your coffers.

In this post, we’ll discuss the earning potential of videos, and talk about how the WP Video Monetize plugin can be the solution you’ve been looking for!

H5P and Wordpress

Create Interactive Content in WordPress with H5P

With the H5P plugin you can create Interactive Videos, powerpoint-like Course Presentations, Memory Games and much more all without touching a single line of code!

Tens of thousands of H5P’s are created every week by universities and organizations all over the world.


How to Prepare a Mobile-Friendly Video for Your WordPress Blog

Do you regularly upload videos to your blog? It’s not such an easy task as everyone thinks.

In case your video is too large, it may take ages and megabytes of bandwidth to buffer. Visitors with poor or expensive mobile Internet connections won’t be able to afford it and will barely return to your website again. Besides, the video should play fine in all browsers and on all mobile devices.

Thus, before uploading a video into your WordPress blog or website, you need to optimize it for mobile gadgets, and for a fast and smooth streaming. There are at least two tools that can help you do it.

Learn How to Give Your Gravity Forms Some Pizzazz with CSS Classes [Exclusive Video]

Everybody loves Gravity Forms and for a good reason!  It works great and looks awesome… but what if you wanted to change the appearance of some of those form fields?

Maybe putting a phone field to the right of an email field? How about splitting a ton of checkboxes into three columns or making a scrollable agreement box?  It’s all possible!

Using CSS Ready Classes for Gravity Forms (click that link to open it in a new tab) will help you do all that and more!

Using TED Videos in WP Video Robot Plugin

Recently, I reviewed WP Video Robot, a useful plugin that lets you import and publish videos on your website from a variety of channels, such as YouTube and Daily Motion. Before going any further, just in case you have not already done so, I would recommend you to check out the WP Video Robot plugin review (link here), or just head over straight to the plugin’s official website.

WP Video Robot: Add Videos To Your Site, Automatically

Of late, videos have grown in popularity, and more and more websites are now offering video content to their users. You can credit it to the fact that we all have better internet speeds nowadays, or that videos in general are much easier to understand as compared to text content, but the fact remains the same: be it social media or publishing websites, videos have become a popular factor everywhere.

How to Build a WordPress Site That Doesn’t Use Text for Content

For years now, WordPress has been known as the top blogging platform out there. Just perfect for people who want to share their thoughts, articles, commentaries, or whatever else text-based content they have in store. Sounds just about right, doesn’t it? But what if you need WordPress to be the base of something a little bit more advanced?

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