Views 1.3 Adds Usability to Codeless WordPress Development

Remember Views? It’s the plugin that lets you build complex WordPress sites without coding.

Over the last two years, Views has evolved from very basic functionality to a rich package, loaded with features. Unfortunately, this parade of features has led to a complex GUI. For a plugin that aims to help rapid website development, a complex GUI is the last thing you need.

And so, we’re happy to introduce Views 1.3, with just one goal in mind – usability.

Creating Custom WordPress Sliders with Toolset

Many themes come with their own sliders. There are also great plugins that create slides out of anything. Still, in many cases, creating your own slider is the best solution. I’ll show how you can create your own sliders out of any WordPress content and display them anywhere in your site, using Toolset plugins.

Views 1.2.3, Types 1.3.1, CRED 1.2.1 and Access 1.1.6

Types, Views, CRED and Access (which make up Toolset) have been upgraded. 

With the new features being released, this is the perfect time to purchase these plugins. I remind you that we have some fantastic discounts on Toolset and its components over on our Deals page.

How To Build WordPress Bootstrap Magazine Sites with Toolset

Ever wanted to build a magazine site but don’t know where to start? Sure, WordPress is a great base, but if you can’t code to save your life, you need some more help.

That’s where Bootstrap and Toolset come in. Bootstrap is a template created by Twitter, and it has now been integrated into the Toolset plugin, which allows you to build anything in WordPress without coding.

WordPress Toolset 20% Discount Coupon from WP Mayor

We’ve just teamed up with the fine folks behind Toolset, the excellent plugin which lets you build WordPress sites without coding. We’re now offering 20% off to new customers of Toolset, all you have to do is buy through our link and the discount will be applied automatically.

WordPress Toolset: Doing More With WordPress, Without Coding!

WordPress nowadays can be used to power a vast plethora of sites. Be it a news or magazine website, an art portfolio, a photoblog or even an eCommerce site, WordPress has the capability to suit your needs. Thus, due to such extensive target user base, WordPress is often the preferred tool of trade for many developers and designers alike.

What if you don’t know any PHP or abhore coding? Enter Toolset to the rescue!

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