VPS Hosting

Navigate the world of VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting for WordPress, covering the benefits of virtual servers, performance optimization, and choosing the right VPS hosting provider. Learn about server management, security, and scaling options to ensure the smooth operation of your WordPress site. This tag is ideal for WordPress users seeking a robust hosting solution that offers more control and resources than shared hosting.

Amazon Lightsail Hosting Review: AWS Hosting for WordPress

Amazon Lightsail Hosting offers easy-to-setup VPS instances powered by AWS infrastructure. It’s one of the easiest ways for WordPress users to get started with AWS. Learn more in our hands-on Amazon Lightsail hosting review.

The Scala Hosting homepage.

Scala Hosting: An Overview and Review

In this review, we introduce Scala Hosting and its unique Managed WordPress VPS plan. You’ll learn more about its advanced performance and security features, and why it may be the best fit for your site.

How to Replace Your Web Host with a Robot

The best thing about attending WordPress meetups is when you chat with someone who has been working with WordPress for only a year or two, and you are able to tell them about a tool that will instantly solve a problem they have been struggling with every day. The look on their face as what you are telling them sinks in is always a joy to behold.

This article is about a tool that could impact your use of WordPress in that profound way if you currently pay for Web hosting.

The End of The Web Hosting Industry

Just when the Web hosting industry seemed more stable and entrenched than ever, announcements last week by Google, Microsoft and Amazon gave an official stamp of approval to the technological shift that is about to send it all swirling done the drain, and the specialist WordPress hosts may be the first disappear.

InMotion VPS Hosting Review

InMotion hosting is one of the most well-known website hosting companies on the web. They’ve been around for a long time and have a great reputation. I therefore decided to test their offering so I could report back here on WP Mayor.