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Why Should You Find Your Web Design Niche & How To Do This?

This article is recommended for freelance web designers. Here we will talk about choosing a web design niche. Why should you make a choice? Because if you are not one of those big vendors on ThemeForest like ThemeREX, who focus on developing niche themes for more than 5 years. niche themes for you are not able to cope with developing multiple niche website templates. so here comes the opinion of the experts.

Travel Responsive WordPress Theme

Top 30 Sports and Travel WordPress Themes That Make Adventurous Souls Itch

What is common between sports and travel WordPress themes? It’s the adrenaline and excitement which is caused by the design. In order to illustrate the similarity of top sports and travel WordPress themes, let’s imagine that YOU are the customer. Case number one: let’s assume you’re looking for a tour to… Norway, for example. What can make you convert when you visit an agency website?

word press child themes

Everything You Need to Know About Child Themes and Why to Use Them

What makes WordPress stand out is the fact that it gives its users freedom to freely edit, change, tune up or completely redo their websites and blogs. The openness of the platform provides countless features for users to explore, edit or apply in some manner that will best suit their needs.


IonMag Free News WordPress Theme

Are you looking for a great free news WordPress theme? You found it! ionMag is an amazing free theme for a blog, news, newspaper, magazine, publishing industry and reviews website. This integrated solution will change the way bloggers interact with their sites moving all the creative activities from the backend to the website’s frontend, simplifying the user experience.

Book Review: The Essential Web Design Handbook

I’m very interested in web design trends and try to keep up with a number of industry blogs. Design and user interface are essential aspects of running a successful website, so web design shouldn’t be something only web designers are interested in, but also business owners.

Earlier this year one of my favourite web designers in the WordPress space, Rafal Tomal (lead designer at Copyblogger Media), released a book called The Essential Web Design Handbook. The word book is a bit of a misnomer as there is much more to this release than just the book, as I’ll be describing in this review.

Five Typography Tips to Elevate Your Design

We, as web designers, are a naturally creative people. Using digital technology to express our ideas and passions is just what we do. While inventive layouts and eye-popping visuals are the most common ways to make our hard work stand out, typography remains an often overlooked avenue to elevate our designs.

Web Design Trends for 2015… Where Will They Take Us?

Now that we are in the final quarter of 2014, we can conjure up an idea of what web design trends will be influencing the way we design our sites in 2015. This is obviously subject to personal preference, however certain trends seem to be featuring more predominantly throughout the web.

2014 (and a little earlier) has seen the introduction and use of some great features and styles, all of which make your browsing experience more enjoyable. WordPress has kept up very well with all these trends through a multitude of themes and plugins.

Book Review: Design for Conversions by Brian Casel

I am currently working on some site redesigns and as usual, I started to take a look around for some inspiration. It was then that I came across ‘Design for Conversions’, by Brian Casel.

Now this is not your typical web design book, what caught my eye is that Brian is specifically talking about design for a particular purpose, in this case conversions. In reality, we all want better conversions for our sites, don’t we? However not all design books and resources take that into consideration.

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