Delve into the world of Web3 in WordPress, exploring the integration of decentralized technologies, blockchain, and cryptocurrency into your website. Learn about Web3 plugins, NFT (Non-Fungible Token) integration, and decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. This tag is ideal for WordPress users looking to explore the future of the web and adopt decentralized technologies to enhance their online presence.

WooCommerce Crypto Payments Using CoinGate

How to Accept WordPress Crypto Payments Using CoinGate

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to accept 70+ cryptocurrencies on any WordPress site, along with a special integration for WooCommerce stores. You don’t need any technical knowledge – just follow the simple steps.

Web3, NFTs and WordPress with Web3 WP

In this episode, Gaby and Jean Galea talk to Aaron Edwards and Joshua Dailey, co-founders of Infinite Uploads and WordPress contributors, about Web3, NFTs, and WordPress with Web3 WP. Aaron and Joshua have spent more than 20 years developing and maintaining enterprise WordPress sites. Also, they launched the first (and only) WordPress NFT.

Bitcoins on a laptop.

How to Create a CryptoCurrency News Portal (In 4 Steps)

If you or your online audience is interested in crypocurrencies, it’s useful to have a one-stop shop for learning about the latest updates and developments. Fortunately, this is easy when you have your own cryptocurrency news portal. Let’s talk about how to create one in WordPress!

Top 20 CryptoCoin, ICO & Cryptocurrency WordPress Themes

Up till now tons of cryptocurrency WordPress themes were created, unfortunately, not all of them are worthy. In this listicle, we’ve gathered a list of professional WordPress themes designed to solve your website building task. Each of these themes has everything you need right out of the box. Even their installation and customization will be a child play since all of these themes are equipped with WPBakery page builder.

11 Best WordPress Templates for Cryptocurrency Blog

When someone dubbing oneself Satoshi Nakamoto launched the first cryptocurrency back in 2008, nobody knew it would boom in the 2010s. Since then, Bitcoin’s exchange rate grew from $0.0008 to more than $10,000. Currently, the number of Bitcoin transactions constitutes over 10 million per month. No doubt, if you’re into cryptocurrency business, you can’t make strides without a cutting-edge web presence that makes users trust you. If you’re at loss, how to quickly and cost-efficiently create a cryptocurrency website, read on. Today, we share with you top 10 best WordPress themes for cryptocurrency blog.