WP RSS Aggregator Releases New Widget Add-On

This week the WP RSS Aggregator plugin added a new premium add-on to the collection – the Widget add-on.

This add-on allows you to add a widget to any section of your WordPress site to display a list of imported feed items from WP RSS Aggregator. It’s an add-on that has been in the pipeline for quite a while, and has finally been given the green light.

Ultimate Widgets: Custom Widgets For Your WordPress Website

Widgets for the back-bone of any WordPress website. While the trend nowadays is to sacrifice the sidebar in favor of a content-centric website layout, especially for personal blogs, the sidebar and footer widgets still play a big role in conveying useful information to your visitors, such as subscription and social media buttons, as well as additional information about yourself or your website or blog.

Split Testing WordPress Menus and Widgets with Nelio A/B Testing

All websites serve a purpose. For instance, some sell a product, others offer a service, and others share news and stories. Clearly, some websites are better than others in serving their purpose. Split Testing (or A/B Testing) is a simple way to test changes on the current design or content of a website and determine which changes produce better results.

WordPress Widgets: Why to Use?

In WordPress development widgets help developers create functionality within a website. For instance developers can easily add content and features to the sidebars. Now widgets can be used in different parts of a website and these are popularly known as the wigetised area.

Best WordPress Widget Boilerplates

If you’re developing with WordPress and not using a framework such as Genesis, you probably have some sort of code collection that you refer to when building new sites.

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