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Video Content, WordPress, and You: The Basics

There’s no doubting the power of video content. Video captures the viewer through sight, sound, and sometimes interactivity; it’s a medium that allows you to be creative in a way that writing cannot. Video, however, is still one of those types of media that not many understand. The reasons often land on the fact that people may not have the equipment, know-how to produce, or they’re simply camera shy.

6 Essential WordPress Tips for Beginners

Starting out with Wordpress can be pretty daunting though – and it’s not the easiest platform to get your head around in those initial stages. In fact, without doing a fair bit of research first, you might find yourself tripping up on even the simplest of tasks – that may not have been overly obvious to you. Here I’ve tried to put together some tips for WordPress beginners (because we all have to start somewhere). These tips will help you create an attractive website using WordPress, but most importantly – a functioning website too that works well and does it’s job.

Ways to Show Widgets Depending on Page or Post

An easy way to customise a WordPress website is to have a number of widget areas defined, and be able to drop widgets at will into those areas.

What gives even more flexibility however is the ability to select whether widgets show or not on a per page or per post basis. To get this functionality, we have to rely on plugins, so we’ll take a look at some of the best ones.

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