WooCommerce Product Filters

Explore WooCommerce product filter solutions, focusing on plugins and strategies for enhancing the product browsing experience on your WooCommerce store. Learn about features like AJAX filtering, attribute-based filtering, and advanced search options. This tag is perfect for WooCommerce store owners looking to improve the navigation and searchability of their product catalog, making it easier for customers to find what they need.

Comparing WooCommerce Product Filter Plugins

Comparing the Best WooCommerce Product Filter Plugins

Struggling with customer engagement on your WooCommerce store? Boost sales and improve user experience by implementing the top product filters. These filters help customers easily search and find products based on their specific preferences, enhancing navigation and satisfaction.

How to Set Multiple Prices Per Product in WooCommerce

Learn how to set multiple prices per product in WooCommerce with this step-by-step guide. Create attributes & product variations, assign unique prices to those variations, and even offer special pricing for wholesale and/or membership customers.

STAGGS Product Configurator_ The Ultimate Visual Tool for WooCommerce

STAGGS Product Configurator: The Ultimate Visual Tool for WooCommerce

In the bustling world of e-commerce, standing out is no longer just a luxury—it’s a necessity. Enter the STAGGS WooCommerce Product Configurator, a game-changing tool designed to revolutionize the WooCommerce landscape. But what makes it so special? Let’s dive in.

How To Create A WooCommerce Order Form For Easier Shopping

How To Create A WooCommerce Order Form For Easier Shopping

Depending on what you’re selling at your WooCommerce store, the typical shop page might not be the best way to present your products. Instead, a WooCommerce order form can sometimes be a more efficient way to showcase your wares, especially when you need a more compact layout to display more products in the same space.

How To Create A WooCommerce List View For Products

Want to create a WooCommerce list view to display your products instead of the default WooCommerce shop page?

In this post, I’ll first talk about which types of stores can benefit from a list view. Then, I’ll show you how the WooCommerce Product Table plugin can help you generate a simple WooCommerce list view shortcode for your store.

Sell More WooCommerce Products Using These 5 Tips

WooCommerce is a user-friendly e-commerce tool, but setting up product pages isn’t enough to boost sales. To maximize conversions, store optimization is essential. Here are five simple ways to achieve this.

PWF Review_
Create SEO-Friendly WooCommerce Product Filters_featuredimage

PWF Review: Create SEO-Friendly WooCommerce Product Filters

PWF lets you create customizable Ajax filters for your WooCommerce products (or any other post type). It also lets you use SEO-friendly URLs and add dynamic SEO content to rank for longtail queries. Learn more in our hands-on PWF review.

WooCommerce Product Filter

WooCommerce Product Filter Review: Flexible Filters for Your Store

Product filters help shoppers find what they’re looking for on your store. In our review of the WooCommerce Product Filter plugin, we’ll show you how you can use this freemium plugin to add a customizable set of product filters to your store.