WordPress Automation

Explore WordPress automation, focusing on tools and techniques to streamline site management, content publishing, and administrative tasks. Learn about automating backups, updates, content scheduling, and social media integration. This tag is ideal for WordPress users seeking to enhance efficiency, reduce manual workload, and maintain a high-performing website with minimal effort.

SureTriggers WordPress Automation

SureTriggers: Revolutionizing WordPress Automation

SureTriggers, your multifaceted solution, transcends the role of a mere integrations tool. It’s a comprehensive site automation powerhouse, adeptly bringing together numerous facets of your business for seamless management and enhanced efficiency. Discover how SureTriggers revolutionizes WordPress Automation. Experience seamless app integration and transform your WordPress journey today!

Achieve WordPress Automation with Thrive Automator

Imagine if you could automatically add a customer to your mailing list. Or what if you could have WordPress create a new user when someone books an appointment with you? How about sending a frequent blog commenter a loyalty reward as soon as they comment?

These things are all possible with a plugin from Thrive Themes called Thrive Automator.

Growmatik Review: Easy WordPress Marketing Automation & Personalization

Growmatik Review: Easy WordPress Marketing Automation & Personalization

Marketing automation and personalization can help you generate more leads and sell more products. But it’s tough to implement on WordPress…unless you have the right tool. In our Growmatik review, we’ll show you how this freemium tool from a popular WordPress developer can help.

WP Webhooks Review

WP Webhooks Review: Automate WordPress Using Webhooks

WP Webhooks helps you automate your WordPress site using webhooks. You can send data to other services or use data from other services to perform actions on your site. In our WP Webhooks review, we’ll show you how this plugin works.