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The Best WordPress Blogs in Spanish

The Best WordPress Blogs in Spanish

If you’re looking for a WordPress resource in Spanish, you’re in luck! We list the top 10 WordPress blogs in Spanish.

A Quick Beginner Guide to Setting Up WordPress Blog – Part One

So, after reading about and knowing about the monthly income of Harsh Agarwal (CEO of ShoutMeLoud), you must be thinking to start your own blog to earn some money online, right?

But…how and where do you get started? There are thousands of blogs writing such articles, and everyone’s sharing and writing different things. Whom should you listen? Where’s the starting point?

Tips to Follow for Increasing Traffic to Your WordPress Blog or Site

Today, many businesses are adopting an advanced way of promoting and marketing their businesses. In the era of Internet technology, most of the people are creating a fully-functional websites on the WordPress to boost the reputation of their business across the nation.

Why is WordPress Development Getting Popular?

Irrespective of the countless options available on the internet, WordPress has maintained its exclusivity and preciousness not only for developers but for the users as well. Here we have picked some reasons out of the countless ones that have made WordPress one of the most popular website development platforms across the globe.

How to Monetize Your WordPress Blog

Making money isn’t easy – offline or online. In fact, maybe it is a tad more difficult online. On the other hand, the costs involved in getting online revenue are fewer thus making it attractive. Well, at least the day-to-day costs. The hidden costs however are sustained efforts over weeks or even months and lots of patience.

5 Ways Your Blog Can Stand Out in 2015

With hundreds of millions of blogs in the world, the one you are thinking of starting or are maintaining right now needs to have a certain something to stand out. This becomes more important all the time, as we are ten plus years into blogging maturity.

Introducing MagPress: a WordPress Plugin to Create eBooks from Your Blog Posts

Writing a blog takes a lot of time and effort. Those are rewarded when one of your posts becomes popular, but that doesn’t happen often enough. So how can you give more exposure of your content and value it better? By publishing an ebook with your best content for example. An ebook can value your content in many ways.

Simple Tweaks to Optimize Conversions on a WordPress Blog

One thing I noticed when running a small web design business was that a number of beginner designers that we (me and my friend) were trying to hire didn’t have a grasp on the design-business connection, so to speak. What I mean is that design was always a tool (a method) to achieve a specific business goal … at least from a website owner’s perspective. Designers who considered themselves artists had big problems abandoning some beautiful design tweaks even once they realized that these tweaks were bringing nothing in terms of the ultimate business goal, or even made it harder to achieve.

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