WordPress Multisite

Explore the world of WordPress Multisite, a feature that allows you to manage multiple websites from a single WordPress installation. Learn about setting up a Multisite network, managing subsites, and user roles within the network. Discover plugins and best practices for scaling and maintaining a Multisite network effectively. This tag is perfect for website administrators and developers looking to create and manage multiple websites under a single WordPress instance.

Microsites vs multisites in WordPress

Microsites vs Multisites: Which One Is Best and Why?

What’s the difference between microsites and multisites in WordPress? We show you the differences to help you choose the best option for your new site, and how you can even use both together.

Domain Mapping System Review

Domain Mapping System Review: Microsites, Custom Landing Pages, and Much More

In the dynamic world of WordPress, the Domain Mapping System emerges as a game-changer for website owners and digital marketers. Rated an impressive 4.6/5, this innovative plugin simplifies the complexities of managing multiple domains under a single WordPress installation. Whether you’re aiming to create unique landing pages for different target markets, set up microsites, or offer region-specific content, Domain Mapping System is the tool you need.

Build Your WaaS Empire with Dollie_ A Comprehensive Guide_feturedImage

Build Your WaaS Empire with Dollie: A Comprehensive Guide

Unearth the potential of your WordPress site with Dollie. It’s not just a site, it’s a goldmine! Offering a comprehensive suite of tools, Dollie empowers you to create, manage, and monetize your WaaS platform. Step into the future of web services and watch your empire grow.

Best WordPress Multilingual Plugins

WordPress has become one of the most popular open source Content Management Systems, and now powers and supports more than 60,000,000 blogs and sites from all over the world.

Since WordPress is so widely used all over the world, there is an inherent need for site contents to be displayed in different languages. Now with eCommerce sites also being constructed with WordPress, it is quite important to make one single site with multiple language compatibility. This can make the sites usable for people speaking different languages. Multilingual plugins from WordPress are developed for this very purpose.

Beyond Multisite

Beyond Multisite: Supercharge Your WordPress Multisite

Beyond Multisite is a powerful plugin with 10 different modules made to give you the multisite features you were missing. It lets you hide plugins from site administrators, insert global HTML code for all or some sites, bulk delete comments, revisions, or sites, and much more!

Take control of your WordPress network and go to the next level with Beyond Multisite. Read more and explore all the cool features of the plugin.

Migrate a Multisite Subsite to a Single Site

How to Migrate a WordPress Multisite to a Single Site

Today we are going to take a potentially difficult scenario – how to migrate a WordPress multisite to a single site – and make it a little simpler. We will look at what multisite is, the benefits of using it, and two ways to split a multisite network into single sites so that you can give your growing sites room to grow and garner more success.

ThreeWP Broadcast – a Networking Sharing Plugin Review

Multisites allow you to share plugins and themes, and perform some administration tasks, but the multisite network doesn’t share content. For that you need a plugin such as Broadcast. Broadcast is a network content syndication and post sharing plugin that allows you to share content automatically between multisite blogs.

How to Migrate WordPress Multisite

Migrating a WordPress Multisite installation can be a tricky business. It’s not as straightforward as it is with single site installations, and there are no plugins to help you out. In this tutorial I highlight the steps I use to perform such Multisite migrations successfully.