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The Easiest WordPress CRM Plugin – Zero BS CRM

Zero BS CRM has been around for about a year and is already making big moves in the WordPress customer relationship management market. The main CRM plugin is, as the title suggests, fantastically easy to use, but it’s also cheap, or free. In this post we walk you through the in’s and out’s of what might be the easiest CRM ever!

4 Easy Steps to Import Medium Posts to Your Site

If you haven’t heard, Medium recently announced some changes to their business model. If you haven’t read about it, you can find it explained here. After this news, it appears that some Medium users started to consider moving to So much so that Automattic built an import tool to import Medium posts to a site.

But what if you wanted a self-hosted site that you can have free control of, like you can do with Well, we’re here to show you another simple tool for importing those Medium posts into your website.

The Major Differences Between and

Choosing a WordPress website extension may look like a herculean task for the website owner purely because one needs to balance the equilibrium of benefits and trade-offs. This blog will guide you to set your requirements right before owning a domain extension for your WordPress site.

How to Move Your Site From to

Your blog is now popular – you probably didn’t even expect this when you first launched it – and you consider moving it to because the latter gives you complete control over everything. To Overhaul Recommended Hosting Page

Since 2005 has had a Recommended Hosting Page dedicated to this process of choosing the best host for you, but it hasn’t done a good job at all. In fact, many have complained about it for years and years with no changes ever being made. This is finally no longer true, as are putting the Recommended Hosting page through a complete overhaul.

From hosting plans to WooCommerce plugins and backup services, we have put together a collection of exclusive coupons and deals!
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