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WP Cerber Security Review: A WordPress Plugin to Keep Your Site Safe

A security breach at your WordPress site is a nightmare scenario – all your hard work, gone up in a puff of smoke (or, more likely, a puff of pharmacy SEO link spam or weird redirects).

In today’s WP Cerber Security review, I’m going to take a look at a freemium WordPress plugin that aims to greatly decrease the chances that such a breach happens to you.

Hide My WP - Hiding WordPress Plugin

Hiding WordPress to Avoid Attack: An Extra Layer of Site Security with Hide My WP

With large scale cyber attacks happening more often than anyone would like to admit, you might think to yourself that the chances your small WordPress website will be hacked are slim to none. After all, who would hack your website when there are so many bigger and better sites to attack?

Using WordPress as your content management system already puts you one step ahead of the rest of the online world as far as security is concerned. However, that does not make your website immune to hackers.

Today I am going to share with you why securing your WordPress website is so important and how using a security tool called Hide My WP to well…hide WordPress…can be used to help secure your website from unwanted intrusions and hacks.

Interesting Tricks to Conceal the Truth That You Are Using WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular website development platforms because it is not only free but it has a sufficiently large community, which is flexible, powerful enough to cater the varied requirements of website developers and owners. However, with the bundle of benefits associated with this platform comes a major drawback as well, which is the website’s security concern that runs on WordPress. This is simply due to the fact that the websites running on WordPress are targeted by most of the hackers, spammers and bots.

hacked WordPress

WordPress Security – Beyond WordPress Security Plugins

This article explains why the security of your WordPress blogs and websites should not solely depend on WordPress security plugins. It also looks into other attack surfaces a typical WordPress installation has and gives a brief overview of what you can do to address these potential attack surfaces.

WP Security Audit Log Plugin Review

WP Activity Log Plugin Review: User Activity Logging for WordPress

WP Activity Log is a free plugin for WordPress that logs all logged in user activity. The plugin logs changes to content, any user account activity, changes to plugins and themes, and the WordPress core settings, plus much more.

The logs are easy to interpret and make sense of and the plugin also includes a dashboard widget for quick access. Find out if this plugin can help tighten up security on your WordPress site in our WP Activity Log review.

Top 10 Essential WordPress Security Plugins

With hackers and spammers taking a keen interest in breaking the security of WordPress blogs, we review the top WordPress security plugins available today.

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