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How to Easily Set Up a Brand New WordPress Website for Your Business

If you’ve just started out on the path of entrepreneurship, having a good platform from which you can present your products and services to your customers is imperative. The sales and marketing processes are intrinsically related to having a good business website. This should be the first place where your potential customers can go and find out about your organization, your experience, and credibility, thus making it a necessary step in your future business endeavors.

20 Highly Effective Websites for Small Businesses

Pre-built websites provide ideal solutions for building small business websites. They enable you to react quickly and positively to the way small business teams tend to operate. These 20 websites show you what can be done. The first three prove how fast you can create working websites.

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10 Secrets of a Successful Website to Attract More Visitors

A successful website today needs to be a league ahead of the others. There are so many websites created every day that just don’t make the cut.

Designers come up with some creative ideas but still they fall short. Here’s taking a look at how to create websites that stand apart and drive more revenue for the webmasters.

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How to Speed Up WordPress Website (7 Elements Tested)

I remember the first time I heard about website’s speed. I was a newbie Website developer back then.

All I thought people cared was a beautiful website. But when I read further, it became clear that I myself never waited to load a beautiful website. You never know that a website is beautiful until it loads up.

So, why would some random dude, who has just seen your website on random google search results, care if your website is beautiful, when he could not load it? What was more frustrating was, in HTML you have to optimize every page.

Setting IP Restrictions to the WordPress Login Page

Protecting your WordPress site from hackers can be rather difficult. In fact, there is no one-solution that guarantees a 100% safe and secure site.

Studies show that tens of thousands of websites are hacked daily. Although securing your own site and the data it holds is top priority, it’s also equally important to keep your visitors’ data safe as well. Sites that don’t take proper security measures tend to face a decrease in traffic over time as they lose their credibility. This statement holds true even more in the case of e-commerce sites.

Why is WordPress Development Getting Popular?

Irrespective of the countless options available on the internet, WordPress has maintained its exclusivity and preciousness not only for developers but for the users as well. Here we have picked some reasons out of the countless ones that have made WordPress one of the most popular website development platforms across the globe.

Sidebar vs. No Sidebar: What to Choose for Your Blog?

There has been a great debate between having a blog with sidebars or without sidebars. Well, most of the people use sidebars because they have the ability to enhance the content, which is written on a site. On the other end, many website owners abandon it because they only need to highlight their content.

How to Optimize Your WordPress Website’s Performance

A slow website can have a negative impact on how people perceive your business. It’s a proven fact that slow loading times lead to high visitor abandonment – if your website takes more than four seconds to lead, nearly 25% of people will leave.

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