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WPtouch vs Responsive Themes

The responsive vs mobile plugin debate is an ongoing one, with no clear winner.

This week I came across a very good article highlighting the different pros and cons of each of these methods of catering for mobile users.

Just Got My BraveNewCode T-Shirt

The guys at BraveNewCode have kindly sent over one of their shirts. These organic tees are really good quality and I’m delighted with the shirt. Thanks to BraveNewCode!

Which WordPress Mobile Plugin Do You Use?

Today we would like you to share with us what WordPress mobile plugin you are using on your site. Many of you out there have long realised that it is essential to have some form of different display of your blog adapted to mobile devices, and you’re either using responsive themes or else a mobile plugin such as WPtouch Pro.

WPtouch Pro launch new version (2.7)

Bravenewcode have just pushed out version 2.7 of WPtouch Pro, their latest major release update. WPtouch Pro is the leading WordPress plugin for mobile, it creates a new theme for mobile devices and helps your blog get more visits.

Best WordPress Mobile Plugins

How does your website display on mobile devices? If you haven’t paid any attention to this aspect of your site, you are most definitely missing out on a big market. Nowadays many users access your site from their mobile devices, so it’s worth showing them some love by customising the display of your WordPress site to their mobile device. Let’s see how to do this….

Best Mobile Plugins for WordPress

If you access this site using a smartphone, you will have noticed that we are currently experimenting with having a separate mobile version of the site. As mobile usage continues to rise steadily, the demand for separate mobile versions of WordPress sites is growing too. We are having more and more clients ask us if we can create a mobile version of their existing site. Let’s take a look at some of the best mobile plugins for WordPress…

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