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15 Awesome eCommerce WordPress Themes in October 2013

WordPress is an extremely powerful publishing platform which many use to design and build professional eCommerce websites. Below you’ll find our collection of some of the best WordPress eCommerce themes available on the market today.

Building a Multilingual Site: Free vs. Premium Plugins

When it comes to building a multilingual site in WordPress, it’s necessary to turn to one of the third party plugins out there. Thankfully there are a couple of high quality options available, ranging from free offerings to premium plugins.

When it comes to creating a multilingual WordPress site there are two main approaches to consider. One is the creation of a partially multilingual site where either the published content is available in more than one language, or the WordPress admin dashboard is displayed in multiple languages. The other option is to create a site that is fully multilingual where both the published content and the admin area is available in more than one language.

Best Multilingual (WPML Compatible) Themes for WordPress

WPML is the best choice for a multilingual plugin for WordPress. Once you’ve got it installed, you need to make sure that you are using a WPML-compatible theme. In reality, a well-coded theme will always be WPML compatible, there isn’t anything special that needs to be done except for using best practices when implementing hard coded strings.

But enough of the technical aspects, we want to know which are the sexiest WPML-compatible themes for WordPress, so here we go!

Creating Custom WordPress Sliders with Toolset

Many themes come with their own sliders. There are also great plugins that create slides out of anything. Still, in many cases, creating your own slider is the best solution. I’ll show how you can create your own sliders out of any WordPress content and display them anywhere in your site, using Toolset plugins.

WPML 2.8.2 for WordPress 3.6 Now Available

WordPress 3.6 is not quite ready for production sites yet, but WPML 2.8.2 is out already, with full compatibility for upcoming WordPress 3.6 features.

The major new feature in WordPress 3.6 is the post formats. This is a new (and much improved) GUI that makes the existing post formats feature a lot more usable and fun.

Set Up a Multilingual WordPress Site and Break Your Language Barrier

The Internet has opened the doors for blog owners to do business and connect with people overseas. Distance is no longer a barrier, but language is. If you want to connect with people in different countries, you can tear down the language barrier by creating a multilingual WordPress blog. You won’t have to translate the blog on your own. Instead, you will install a plugin that will translate the blog for you.

Free WPML Professional Translation Coupon

Professional translators can make the difference between an OK and a great multilingual site. WPML lets you find professional translators and choose the best ones for your site.

Here’s a $30 free coupon to start you off with professional translation.

Preparing Strings for Localization in Themes and Plugins

Many plugin and theme developers fail to properly prepare their plugins and themes for localization.

I suspect that rather than an unwillingness on their part to do this important task, it’s instead a case of getting confused about what’s needed.

So let me give you some examples to show how easy it is to prepare strings for localization.

WPML 2.7 Out This Week

WPML 2.7 is being released this week, adding several improvements to a plugin which is considered to be the best multilingual plugin for WordPress.

It will bring a performance boost of up to 2x, which is great news for all WPML users.

WordPress Multilingual Plugin WPML Full Review

As the usage of WordPress continues to grow exponentially on a global level, so does the need for proper multilingual capabilities on WordPress websites.

Having your site’s content available in several languages makes business sense, after all. In a time where businesses are competing in a global market, you don’t want to leave any potential customers out in the cold just because you haven’t provided content in their native language.

Luckily, WordPress can be a joy to use when creating multilingual content, chiefly due to the presence of a fantastic plugin, aptly named WPML.

JigoShop + WPML – Multilingual E-Commerce

If you’re building e-commerce sites with Jigoshop, we have good news for you. Jigoshop Multilingual 1.0 fixes bugs and lets you translate more of your store.

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