Introducing Our Mobile Site Using WPtouch

Mobile-friendly websites are key in today’s world, which is why we recently launched a new WordPress mobile version of WP Mayor for all our followers to have a better experience when browsing our blog from their mobile devices.

After some research into the tools available for such a project, we opted to go for WPtouch, a mobile suite for WordPress that allowed us to display our latest content in the best way possible, while also providing the rest of the functionality we required.

WPtouch Pro Review – Doing More Than Just ‘Responsive’ With Your Mobile Site!

This is the era of mobile devices and smartphones.

In many cases, almost half of your website traffic can come from users on tablets and smartphones, instead of full-fledged desktop computers.

Naturally, one needs to be prepared for such users, and the best way to be prepared is to ensure that your website looks awesome, irrespective of the device dimensions that your visitors employ.

WP Touch mobile plugin themes

WPtouch Pro Review – Mobile Plugin for WordPress

WPtouch Pro is a plugin by BraveNewCode, and is the big brother of the free WPtouch plugin.

The whole idea of this plugin is to enable you to easily create a mobile experience for your website’s users.

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