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If you’re designing a new website or updating your current one, we’ve got your back. We review some of the top themes and page builders for WordPress.

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15 of The Best WooCommerce Themes

So many people shop online these days. It’s no longer necessary to make a trip to your neighborhood store if you need something. With just a few clicks, you can get anything to be delivered right at your doorstep. When someone is trying to decide which product to buy, a website’s apparel can make the difference between a simple visit, and a closed deal. Designers know this, and understand that choosing a good theme is imperative. Below, you will find a list containing 15 outstanding WooCommerce themes.

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20 Authentic WordPress Themes to Make your Life Easier

Starting a website isn’t always an easy job. For beginners, there could be many things to think about to have it up, such as the domain name, hosting, keeping the content updated, which can be sometimes a little overwhelming if you are working alone. Fortunately WordPress helps webmasters with easing half of the process by supplying crafted themes. Here we continue with our monthly series, bringing you 20 new picks for those who want to start a new site.

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Photography Themes Round Up

Nowadays, with all the advancements in camera equipment and techniques, we have seen a sudden influx of new photographers, all wanting to show off their work in the best way possible. This has created a higher demand for high quality websites, and it has had a positive effect on the world of Wordpress photography themes. The number of themes has increased considerably, and they keep developing into more beautiful and functional ways of showcasing one’s work, be it as an amateur photographer, or as a professional.

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X | The Ultimate WordPress Theme

Have you ever thought about having one theme that you can customise as you wish, and create any site imaginable for any purpose whatsoever? I introduce you to the X Theme, from ThemeCo – truly the ultimate WordPress theme out there. With continuous developments and new features and layouts being added, this theme’s potential seems to be never ending. With tens of thousands of customers in the first few months since it was launched, X has proven to be ThemeForest’s fastest selling product of all time!

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Beautiful WordPress Themes for Startups

Once again, we are presenting a new selection of fresh WordPress themes for a new edition of our monthly series. The themes presented are designed and thought specially for startups of all types. Improving the appearance of your website has never been so easy!

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Best Pinterest Style Themes for WordPress (Mega Collection)

Pinterest is one of the most popular and elegant social image sharing websites today. Compared to its older brothers like Flickr, imgur and Photobucket, Pinterest has seen considerable growth. Critics argue the reason behind this is the element of “social sharing”. Integrating Pinterest with Facebook led to just that. People tend to interact more when they see a real name or a face – someone they can subconsciously create a connection with.

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Perfect Themes to Make Your Site Happy

Continuing with our monthly series this time we come with a new list of themes with the trendy and well known flat and minimal styles, with an unique style for your site. Take some time to check the themes in this list and find the right one to give your site a refreshing new look.

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Crocoblock Theme Club Review

Crocoblock: A New Theme Club with a Fast Growing Library

Crocoblock is a new premium WordPress theme club with ambitions of being the largest theme shop on the market. With over 60 themes already available and more added each week, this is definitely one theme shop to take notice of.

In this review we will take a look at the themes on offer, the framework they run on, and the pricing options available for anyone who wants to join the Crocoblock theme club.

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Directory Theme Review from Templatic

Have you ever wanted to create your very own “yellow pages” website? Thanks to WordPress and the Directory theme from Templatic, deploying a directory site or a top notch travel guide is easy is a 1-2-3.

No need to write complex code, just install the theme and load the demo data with just one click!

Read the full review of the Directory theme to see how you can benefit from this awesome directory WordPress theme.

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Tuned Balloon – Music & Band WordPress Theme Review

Tuned Balloon is a responsive WordPress Theme with an artistic retro look and feel from Anariel Design, created with musicians in mind. A uniquely styled music player and a number of useful features for bands such as a gig calendar, audio & video post types, SoundCloud integration and the ability to sell media makes this theme well worth looking into if you want to promote your music.

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Frontend Vendor List

Dokan Theme Review: A Multi-Vendor Marketplace Theme for WordPress

Dokan is a WooCommerce-powered theme for building a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace with WordPress.

The theme allows vendors to register an account and then begin selling their products at your store. The vendors get access to their own dashboards, each with reporting data covering their store and products.

To find out how this theme works and whether it is a good choice for building a marketplace, read the full Dokan review.

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A Selection of WordPress Themes to Focus on Content

Hi buddies! Once more here we come bringing with us a new list of themes for our monthly series. In a faster way than one can think of, the web is evolving onto a more clean, minimal, focused on content place. Strange color combinations are not something common anymore; now the dominant color is white while other colors play secondary roles.

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