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Simple, Stunning, and Super-Valuable: WordPress Event Themes Courtesy of Themetick

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The WordPress theme market is at saturation point. This means developers need to stand out with some stunning and captivating themes. However, there's still room for top-drawer themes to push out the existing bunch. For this post, we'll take a look at what Themetick offers – including its Bridge for WooCommerce ticketing plugin!
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There are no end to the number of WordPress theme developers that spring up championing the ‘next greatest theme’. However, many of these don’t deliver the goods they promise. Themetick could fall into that camp, but doesn’t thanks to excellent core values that shine through its products.

These WordPress event themes appeal for not only looks, but price too. In addition, it also helps you sell tickets through WooCommerce. The Bridge for WooCommerce plugin lets you sell event seats alongside typical store products. In a nutshell, you can turn your entire site into the sales funnel for your next event.

For this post, we’ll look at the developer Themetick. Throughout, we’ll cover why you should use its themes, what its products offer, and our take on the overall quality.

Why Your WordPress Website Is Crucial for In-Person Events

An industry with a market value of two trillion dollars is clearly an area you need to impress within. What’s more, with life slowly returning to normal after the COVID-19 outbreak, more in-person events are available to us now. If you run events (or want to), make no mistake: you have to make the best impression you can in order to win brick and mortar footfall.

Your strategy will start with your marketing – specifically your website. A dedicated domain that caters to the event is a necessity. After all, consider what this does for WordCamps across the globe:

The WordCamp US 2023 website.

You’re able to purchase tickets, check out the schedule for the event, get directions, and plenty more. As such, your site will need to captivate, inform, and support those who wish to attend. Themetick might have the answer within its collection of WordPress themes.

Introducing Themetick

Themetick – along with Tickera and Restrict – make up a trio of valuable WordPress companies. The former is a way to sell tickets through WordPress, while the latter lets you restrict content on your site. Later, we’ll talk about a connection between Themetick’s themes and Tickera that will enhance what your events can offer.

A small collection of Themetick WordPress themes.

There are eight different themes here, and of course, generic and typical events are at the forefront with Dimenix and Connektiva:

The Connektiva Themetick theme.

However, there is a wide range of other use cases and situations available. For example, you can use Eveny and Harmonix to promote club nights or music events. For general music events, Xnova will be ideal.

The Xnova theme.

Themetick also caters to sports, thanks to Cyclorama and Scorenet:

The Scorenet theme.

Even food festivals can get in on the gorgeous action with Foodorama:

The Foodorama theme.

Each of these uses the built-in WordPress Site Editor to help you customize your site. This means you have over 70 patterns and Blocks to create content with. Some are simple, such as the Text pattern. However, others – the Event Listing pattern, for example – give you rich functionality and stunning visuals to work with:

The Event Listing pattern from Themetick.

Speaking of event listing, you can also use the Bridge for WooCommerce plugin to sell tickets to those experiences from your site.

A seating plan available through the Bridge for WooCommerce plugin.

This comes courtesy of Themetick’s parent company, Tickera, and does more than process payments. You can use it as a hub for managing your event. For instance, you can create seating charts for visitors, set up notifications, brand those tickets further, and even check guests in.

On the whole, the bundle of themes alongside the plugin makes this a complete package that will slot into your event’s set up. We’d be happy to use all Themetick’s products to run an event, especially as they don’t hurt your wallet either.

What the Themes and Plugins at Themetick Cost

The Themetick pricing page.

For such a stellar package of themes, you’d expect a huge cost to use them. However, this isn’t the case. There are three tiers available that cover a range of needs:

  • Single Theme. If you want only one theme from the collection, you’ll pay $69 per year. You’re able to use it on three sites, with support and updates for a year. However, you won’t get access to Bridge for WooCommerce.
  • Standard Bundle. For $99, you can obtain access to all of the Themetick themes. With a recurring subscription, you also get any future releases. What’s more, you also get access to the Bridge for WooCommerce plugin.
  • Agency Bundle. With this tier, you can use all of the current and future Themetick themes on as many sites as you need, along with all the other goodies in the Standard Bundle. This will set you back $149 per year.

Most users will opt for the Single Theme tier, but the Standard Bundle offers greater value. If you need to sell event tickets, Bridge for WooCommerce will be essential. Alongside that, we’re happy to see a generous license allocation across all of the subscription plans.

There are also ‘lifetime’ licenses available for each of these plans, and regardless of your purchase, you get seven days to ask for a refund if you wish.

Themetick’s Support and Documentation

WordPress themes and plugin are often intuitive to use, but this doesn’t mean documentation should be missing or incomplete. Websites can go wrong in myriad ways, so the mark of a good developer is how they support you when you need them.

Themetick’s documentation covers its entire product range, and doesn’t go into specifics about each theme. While under normal circumstances this wouldn’t be good, these themes don’t use convoluted admin panel that require explanation. All of the options you need to make the theme your own are within the Site Editor.

The Themetick documentation page.

The documentation itself its thorough, and covers all of the pertinent points you need to set up and use your theme. However, if you do need support, each purchase comes with a year’s access to the helpful team.

This provision isn’t around the clock though. Instead, you’ll need to contact between 8am and 4pm Central Eastern Time (CET). It’s not ideal, as some users will be unable to access support as well as others. Given the themes are straightforward to use, the only issues with the potential to crop up are technical. This dilutes the value of the ‘part-time’ support.

In Conclusion: Themetick Rocks!

On paper, Themetick doesn’t inspire: it’s a WordPress theme developer with a collection that doesn’t offer much customization. What’s exciting about that? However, there’s a catch: these WordPress event themes are ideal to capture attention in a variety of ways. You’re able to throw the design up on site, fill in the content, then get back to event planning.

It helps that each theme in the collection looks amazing, and that there’s also a ticketing solution available. Bridge for WooCommerce uses the power of the e-commerce platform to help you get people through the turnstiles. Overall, given the cost of an annual subscription, it’s a steal of a deal!

Do you like the look of the range of options over at Themetick? Let us know how you’ll use the theme collection and the Bridge for WooCommerce plugin in the comments section below!

WP Mayor Verified 2024
Starting at USD $
 per year

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