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  1. Jeff
    Jeff December 31, 2012 at 17:31 | | Reply

    I voted for Genesis. With that said, my vote is not based fairly on head to head, since I have never really used Thesis. I went straight to Genesis when choosing a framework for 2 reasons: 1) variety of child themes available in Genesis and 2) seeing many prominent bloggers move over to Genesis from Thesis. That type of testimonial went a long way for me – because if a name I trust has made the switch after seemingly done their homework and research, then that influences me significantly. It’s very hard to leave an “incumbent” for something new, so not only is the switch significant, it’s compounded in significance by how difficult it is to switch.

  2. Mike Zielonka
    Mike Zielonka January 3, 2013 at 06:53 | | Reply

    Where is PageLines in this poll of WordPress Theme Frameworks? 🙂

  3. Ryan Tell
    Ryan Tell February 17, 2013 at 01:34 | | Reply

    Well, I came here because I was also looking to make the switch to Genesis. I have been using Thesis for over a year now and when they released Thesis 2.0, they just lost me. In Thesis’s 1.8 defense, I was able to build a nice, fast site with great SEO. Their forums are excellent. I went to build a new site and loaded 2.0. That is where it lost me. I didn’t want to watch hours of videos and read tons of tutorials on how to put up a basic site. They talk about boxes and containers but very few boxes exist. Just typing that was confusing. While I love my Thesis site, I can no longer support 2.0 and will be moving to Genesis for all future sites.

  4. Jenneil
    Jenneil March 20, 2013 at 16:31 | | Reply

    Thanks for this poll and I am about to read your review. I am contemplating the two of them right now and am already turned off by several things about Thesis:

    1) horrible, zoomed in screenshots showing only bits of things, as if they have something to hide.
    2) no real explanation of the different price tiers. Since SocialTriggers.com Skin and the Pearsonified Skin aren’t even available yet, there is no advantage to buying basic+. And, I really want to know more about Social media Boxes and Email signup Boxes before I dump $200 on Professional.
    3) how many sites can I install this on with each package? I am not able to find anything about that.
    4) There are no links to contact information or support anywhere from the homepage. It is a “buy funnel trap.” If you google “thesis forums,” you get to a middle ground (pre-login) with some more information, but I absolutely hate websites that are set-up like that.

    Thanks for the information so far Jean. I look forward to readingmore

  5. Jenneil
    Jenneil March 22, 2013 at 20:32 | | Reply

    Yeah, I read your individual reviews and did some more independent research and it looks like I will be going with Genesis also. Thanks for the info on your site 🙂

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