Top 20 eCommerce WordPress Themes for 2016

20 hand-picked responsive eCommerce WordPress Themes that will add a more refined, professional and trustworthy look to your WordPress shops.
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Everyone who goes hand-in-hand with the latest web design trends and wants to keep their WordPress shops up to the current web tendencies, the following compilation is just for you. Below, we have 20 hand-picked responsive eCommerce WordPress Themes that will add a more refined, professional and trustworthy look to your eCommerce site. Multipurpose, niche specifics and fully customizable  – the chart includes themes to please the taste of the most demanding customers. Think these are just loud words? Then go ahead and browse the compilation!

Btw, all themes featured below are compatible with WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. In other words, in this article you’ll find 20 WooCommerce WordPress Themes.

1. Fairy Style

Fairy Style eCommerce WordPress Theme

Demo | More info

This responsive WooCommerce theme will work well for WordPress shops selling fashion clothes and beauty items. Its clear layout brings the focus of attention on the store’s items, whereas a grid-based structure allows you to place loads of items on one page, without compromising on the site’s readability. Actually, this is one of the most stylish premium WooCommerce themes on this list.

2. Natural Foods

Natural Foods WooCommerce Theme

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Designed in natural colors, with plenty of white space, this eCommerce WordPress theme will make your food related web store more spacious and well-balanced. Intuitive navigation and clear content categorization allow online shoppers reach the desired content with ease.

3. Monstroid

Monstroid - eCommerce WordPress theme

Demo | More info

Monstroid is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that is 100% compatible with WooCommerce. Simple in its management, the theme is pre-loaded with an array of advanced eCommerce features and custom page templates that are ready to go out of the box.

4. Wilson & Smith

Wilson&Smith - Electronics eCommerce WordPress Theme

Demo | More info

Built with attention to details, this WooCommerce theme will perfectly fit electronics and software stores. Social media integration and a number of built-in working forms will help you start a user-friendly web project.

5. Fishing Store

Fishing Online Store WooCommerce Theme

Demo | More info

Parallax scrolling images and full-width video backgrounds enhance the visual appeal of this fishing eCommerce WordPress theme. A fixed drop-down menu remains always accessible, alongside with a live search bar. Bold CTAs and neat icons guide the users through your site’s content effortlessly.

6. Bikes Store

Bikes Store eCommerce WordPress Theme

Demo | More info

Use this WooCommerce theme for sport and travel related sites. Featuring elements of vintage style, the theme looks both charming and user-friendly. A perfect balance of visuals and texts on the page enhance the theme’s readability.

7. Computer Hardware

Computer Hardware WooCommerce Theme

Demo | More info

Thanks to its bold visuals, the theme looks really energetic. Polygon styled elements in the background enhance its trendy look, whereas quality images and thought-out products presentation make one better understand the benefits of each item.

8. Home Electronics

Home Electronics WooCommerce Theme

Demo | More info

This eCommerce WordPress theme will perfectly fit for content heavy WordPress shops. Running on a fully responsive framework, it is enhanced with the lazy load effect. Both options are intended for a more effective presentation of your website across a variety of devices.

9. Gear

6 Gear responsive WooCommerce Theme

Demo | More info

A side-based list of product categories, featured items with badges, impressive product previews, a list of top sellers displayed by means of a widget – the theme is pre-loaded with a host of features that are indispensable for eCommerce sites. A powerful dashboard allows you manage the theme in so many ways.

10. Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture WooCommerce Theme

Demo | More info

Refined style of this WooCommerce theme is intended to bring a more elegant look to your furniture, interior and exterior design store. Its large hero slider with the parallax scrolling effect, a non-standard positioning of category banners and a carousel slider of featured items provide for an eye-catching presentation of your store’s offerings.

11. Virtual Store

Virtual Store Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Demo | More info

Coming integrated with all the popular social media platforms, the theme lets the users spread the word about their preferred products effortlessly. Thanks to the clean design of the theme built in classic black-and-white colors, you will feel the ease of bringing the users’ focus of attention on your store’s offerings.

12. Cosmetro

Cosmetro WooCommerce Theme

Demo | More info

Bright, bold design of this template is best suited for a variety of beauty related WordPress shops that aim to captivate the audience from the first time they reach your page. Card-based banners are mixed with featured product grids, which make the theme both informative and interactive.

13. Product

Product WooCommerce Responsive Theme

Demo | More info

Clean design and minimalist layout style of this WooCommerce theme can be used for literally any web project you can think of. Rich in visuals, compatible with all the contemporary browsers and devices, the theme also includes updates and pro support.

14. Jewello

Jewello WooCommerce Theme

Demo | More info

A set of product banners placed in the theme’s header introduce the users to your store’s product categories, whereas a carousel slider of featured items lets them get focused on the most trending items. Product pages, in their turn, are no less informative. A cloud zoom feature, detailed description and related items provide for quicker decision-making.

15. Coffeera

Coffeera - Coffee Store WooCommerce Theme

Demo | More info

This responsive WooCommerce theme was designed to appeal to all coffee-lovers. Its soft color scheme, logo with the imitation of coffee beans and niche-specific icons create the right atmosphere on the page. If you wish to tweak the design – this can be achieved easily with the help of custom page templates, Google web fonts, etc.

16. eCommerce

Ecommerce Theme Responsive -WooCommerce

Demo | More info

This WooComerce WordPress theme looks so much different from the rest of items from this list. Its front page is extremely clear and concise. Here you will find nothing except products banners and a neat carousel slider, guiding the users to your product category pages.

17. Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions WooCommerce Theme

Demo | More info

The fully responsive design of this eCommerce WordPress theme will make all your site’s content adjustable to any screen size. A sticky header menu with live search, shopping cart and checkout provides the users with quick access to all products, settings and personal details with a click.

18. Infant Clothes Store

Infant Clothing Store WooCommerce Theme

Demo | More info

Happy kids faces make every visitor to such site grin unintentionally. Multi-colored backgrounds with the parallax scrolling effect, bright menu and product badges create a cheerful, optimistic atmosphere on the page.

19. Luxury Linen Store Store

Luxury Linen Store WooCommerce Theme

Demo | More info

Stunning animation of this WooCommerce theme catches the users’ eye at first glance. Parallax scrolling backgrounds, cool hover effects and impressive photo sliders with quality images are intended to establish long-lasting relations with online buyers.

20. Cookware

Cookware WooCommerce Theme

Demo | More info

Kitchenware, tools and equipment sites will look sleek and modern when built with the help of this eCommerce WordPress theme. It is fully responsive and absolutely editable, giving you the freedom of modification of any element of the theme. A bold color scheme is intended to appeal to each and every visitor.

That’s it. How did you enjoy the chart? What themes impressed you the most? What functionality do you value in eCommerce WordPress themes more than others? Are there any other stunning WooCommerce themes that are worthy of a special notice? Go ahead and speak up in comments below.

Katherine Crayon
Katherine Crayon
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  1. Amazing ecommerce wordpress theme collection, These themes are neat and clean designed to multifunction Ecommerce website. I have found recently launched and with latest design trends one theme name: Kosmic WordPress Theme.

  2. What a fantastic collection of themes.All these are premium themes with a pixel perfect design and extensive functionality to create your own professional, unique and successful eStore. Most of these themes are highly customizable to be used to sell all kinds of products.

  3. I’ve also used a lot of themes from ThemeForest. These can be a little hit and miss. Quite often the themes are extremely bloated, which leads to a lot of time streamlining them to optimise for speed/clarity. It’s best to do your research and run speed tests on any theme that you like the look of.

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