Top E-Commerce Themes in 2014

The subject of e-commerce has become something we are all familiar with. The notion that we have to go to the shops to purchase whatever item we need has become obsolete. In fact, more than 80% of the online population has, at one time or another, made an online purchase. Offering such a system to view products without having to leave your house, or even your computer, is now a must, and this is where WordPress comes in. The amount of themes and plugins available for e-commerce is endless. Some are great, some not so great.
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The subject of e-commerce has become something we are all familiar with. The notion that we have to go to the shops to purchase whatever item we need has become obsolete. In fact, more than 80% of the online population has, at one time or another, made an online purchase.

This is a fast-growing portion of business that many companies have taken to strongly. Online browsing for your purchases is becoming a common occurance, with purchases then being made either online or in shop. The main reasons behind the rise in online shopping range from time saving to more variety, and from no crowds to less taxes.

Offering such a system to view products without having to leave your house, or even your computer, is now a must, and this is where WordPress comes in. The amount of themes and plugins available for e-commerce is endless. Some are great, some not so great.

You need to make sure you make the right choice, taking into consideration not only the looks of the site but also the practical side, security, and more. There are plenty of e-commerce themes to choose from and some might serve your needs better than some of the ones I’ve listed below, but these are the ones that attracted my attention the most so far.

Big Point

e-commerce-1A ready to use straight out of the box theme to create your online store. Big Point is perfectly integrated with WooCommerce, and uses the Lollum Framework’s Page Builder to create a simple drag-n-drop feature to structure your pages. It offers a fully responsive design and plenty of useful features combining perfectly to create your great looking store.

Price: $58

Get Big Point


e-commerce-2Kornio is a multi-purpose, responsive WordPress theme that can be used effectively for your e-commerce site. Offering WooCommerce support, it provides you with the ability to create a modern, unique website to promote your business and sell your goods all from one easy-to-setup location.

Price: $29

Get Kornio



A theme set up to suit all types of e-commerce needs, but focusing mainly on retail businesses such as suits, womens’ clothes, etc. Its various homepage variations allow you to create any store you need, even incorporating WooCommerce and plenty of possible custom touches.

Price: $49

Get Suit


A theme I keep coming back to, no matter what collection of themes I’m referring to – proof of Divi’s flexibility. This time it can also be used as an e-commerce platform offering WooCommerce integration, attractive product pages, and the many features and options you’ll need to build a truly elegant shop-front.

Price: $69 (Elegant Themes’ 87 themes for one price)

Get Divi


e-commerce-5Having added WooCommerce support to its list of features just last month Opus is now an even stronger WP theme. Its modern looks and contemporary design along with the option of a “one-click demo install” of any demo you require make it very easy to get your website off the ground quickly and elegantly.

Price: $58

Get Opus


e-commerce-18A modern multi-purpose e-commerce theme that is ideal for the modern interior decorator looking to create an online presence. With Loft you get everything you might need to run it, from WooCommerce integration to services pages, blogging functions and many more; all possible in multiple customizable layout options.

Price: $79 (Standard Pack)

Get Loft

Mega Shop

e-commerce-6Another theme based on the WooCommerce plugin, Mega Shop is suitable for all sorts of online stores such as electronics, cosmetics, accessories, etc… anything to do with selling a large amount of items. It’s got a clean and professional look,but still allows you to customise as much as possible, using colour in any way possible to attract your customers.

Price: $58

Get Mega Shop


e-commerce-7Aslom is an online store for any purpose, once again being mainly focused on a particular theme. This time it’s outdoor activities and sports. Having avoided any needless features which clients won’t need or use anyway, Aslom focuses on being simple and to the point while still looking and feeling professional.

Price: $49

Get Aslom



From the name itself you can realise that this is the ideal theme to use as your online furniture store. It’s design and function works best for business selling furniture, home interior, home appliances, and other similar items. The incorporation of multiple colour combinations, features and custom touches work well together to create a clean and professional website.

Price: $49

Get Furniwood


e-commerce-19Jumbo is the ideal theme to showcase your online shopfront in a bold and confident manner while still looking sleek and chic. Once again it has WooCommerce integration, it’s easy to manage, and offers plenty of functions that make the shopping experience that much simpler and more enjoyable for your customers.

Price: $79 (Standard Pack)

Get Jumbo


A WP theme built to integrate seamlessly with some of the most popular e-commerce plugins out there, Boutique lets you create your online storefront with whatever system you prefer. No matter what you choose it still maintains its functional looks, shortcodes, templates, etc.

Price: $69 (Elegant Themes’ 87 themes for one price)

Get Boutique

Shop Theme

e-commerce-10Built to work the popular plugins WooCommerce and Exchange, Shop Theme is a great way to create your beautiful online store in an easy manner. It’s fully responsive, incorporates templates for your portfolio and slideshows, and many more features. Overall a clean and flexible theme that can work for a wide variety of businesses.

Price: $30

Get Shop Theme


e-commerce-11GrandBoutique is a unique, flexible and fully responsive theme with multiple options for you to play around with. It’s got 5 product styles in dark and light versions, incorporates the Revolution PageBuilder and even offers you 18 predefined skins to choose from, unless you want to customise your online store yourself of course. An intuitive and extensive e-commerce theme for all.

Price: $59

Get GrandBoutique

Mr. Tailor

e-commerce-12A highly cutomizable, responsive e-commerce theme for any business to create a powerful online store. Mr. Tailor offers you an extensive variety of customisation options that all look good on every device. It’s got WooCommerce integration, is WPML ready, and even includes a child-theme in case the web developer inside you wants to implement some of your own custom code.

Price: $58

Get Mr. Tailor




Chocolate is a WooCommerce theme designed specifically to be an online store for products such as chocolate, coffee, drink and cake stores of any kind. Its use of colour and professional looks in conjunction with a long list of general features result in a great looking and practical online store front.

Price: $49

Get Chocolate


e-commerce-20A fully-customizable WP theme that meets all your e-commerce needs, whatever size business you may have. Obox once again offer all the necessary features to create a complete online store, with portfolio, services, team, and many more page styles available at your finger tips, and a visual customizer to help you design the most attractive shopfront.

Price: $79 (Standard Pack)

Get Store


e-commerce-14Offering you the freedom of incorporating various e-commerce plugins such as eShop and Simple PayPal Shopping cart, while also using its open-ended design to allow you to add support for additional shopping carts all make eStore an elegant, yet powerful solution to your online store needs. The ease of use and other features on offer continue to enhance this e-commerce theme.

Price: $69  (Elegant Themes’ 87 themes for one price)

Get eStore


e-commerce-15Product is a WooCommerce responsive WP theme that can be used for any types of e-commerce shops. It’s got a clean design with a minimalist style that still manages to incorporate a number of useful features to help you build your online shop front.

Price: $39

Get Product


e-commerce-16A fully customizable, easy-to-use, and beautiful looking multi-purpose theme with which you can create a stunning online shop front to sell your products. Blaszok offers you a vast range of design styles, creative page layouts, beautiful image menus, and many other features all of which combine perfectly to create a stunning site for your business.

Price: $58

Get Blaszok



Once again, a theme aimed at a particular type of business, this time focusing on bookstores, publishing services or book-author official websites. RaakBookoo is designed in such a way as to attract your customer upon their first visit to your online store. A number of features such as testimonials, featured books and best seller books amongst others are incorporated into the design to add some pulling power for your clients.

Price: $59

Get RaakBookoo


e-commerce-21Department is a multi-purpose theme that is ideally suited as an e-commerce site to sell fun and exciting products. With WooCommerce integration, an easy to manage back-end and various options to create the best online shop possible, it’s certainly a theme to look out for if you want your business to stand out.

Price: $79

Get Department

In Conclusion

There are plenty of e-commerce themes out there and you might prefer some that I haven’t mentioned above. The availability of these themes has made online stores viable solutions for anyone who runs a business.

Whatever store you or your client might have, the above themes are great choices. They all offer plenty of features, a lot of pulling power, and last but not least a beautiful design that any visitor wouldn’t mind revisiting over and over again.

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