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  1. Toni
    Toni December 1, 2017 at 18:58 | | Reply

    Sorry, but this is a disappointing article. As a learning resource, I think you have a responsibility to encourage ‘WP best practices’. Plugins that have not been updated in years should not be included as the “best” plugins for any WP use. That alone violates the best use tenant of WordPress so poorly maintained plugins by default cannot be the best. WP users should not be encouraged to use them at all. It is important to support devs who maintain their plugins. Plus the user will get no support for any issue that arises because everyone will simply tell them first not to use outdated plugins. There is a lot of time invested in using RSS plugins – it would be a huge, frustrating, waste of time once any issue surfaces. Trust me! 🙂

    What about https://wordpress.org/plugins/feedzy-rss-feeds/ at least it imports images in the free version, unlike WP RSS Aggregator. Or https://wordpress.org/plugins/feedwordpress/ for importing to post? Both are free, well-maintained, easy to use, 10,000s of active users.

    I found your site for the first time via this article from a Google search. The site is impressive in what you offer to visitors. This info just doesn’t measure up. Plus I’m irritated with recommendations for outdated or unusable plugins.

    Great site, lots of info and resources I hope to learn from.

    Thank you!

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