Translate Your Website with Just One Line of Code with Bablic

Bablic is an easy website localization solution that lets you translate any website with just one line of code. Thanks to the WordPpress plugin, WordPress users don't even need to paste that line of code, it's done automatically.
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Bablic is an easy website localization solution that lets you translate any website with just one line of code. Thanks to the WordPress plugin, WordPress users don’t even need to paste that line of code, it’s done automatically.

What to Expect?

Bablic starts you off with free machine translation and then lets you manually edit all of the elements you see (text, images, css, error msgs, forms, etc) just by right-clicking on them in the user-friendly, visual, editor – as seen below.

Bablic’s in-context text editor
Editing Style/CSS in Bablic’s editor
Replacing images in Bablic’s editor

Why to use Bablic?

The beauty of Bablic is that, unlike other WordPress translation plugins, it has no compatibility issues, works with all themes/plugins and doesn’t require you to waste time creating new pages and menus. It also uses a visual editor that loads your website so you can make changes in-context as opposed to tedious copy/pasting as seen in all of the other WordPress translation plugins.


  • Choose from machine or human translation
  • Compatible with all plugins/themes
  • 100+ supported languages
  • Manually edit text, images & css
  • User-friendly visual editor
  • SEO friendly
  • Add collaborators
  • Mobile/tablet ready
  • Speed – translated content loads instantly

Pricing & Plans

  • Free/Forever – Bablic has a 100% free plan (limited features) which lets you add one language to your WordPress site free-of-charge, no credit card required.
  • Basic – $15/month
  • Premium – $50/month
  • Ultimate – $200/month

WordPress users are generally part of the Free or Basic plans.


There are two ways to install Bablic on your WordPress site, one is from and the other would be from the plugin section in your WordPress Admin Dashboard. From, it’s extremely easy, simply enter your URL on the Bablic homepage and Bablic does the rest, eventually it’ll ask you to install the WordPress plugin and enter your Bablic account/login details.

The other way is to start by installing Bablic right from your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Simply visit the Add New Plugin page, search for “Bablic Localization” and click Install. Make sure you activate the plugin, visit its Settings and click Start Now.

Once you’re happy with the results, which you see in real-time, simply click Publish to have the language selection widget appear on your WordPress site, as well as all of the translated content.

Find the complete translating WordPress with Bablic tutorial here

Alyona Galea
Alyona Galea
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