Turn Your WordPress Website Into a Powerful Wiki Using UserPress

UserPress contains all of the functionality you would expect from a dedicated wiki platform like MediaWiki (the software that powers Wikipedia): front-end editing, page access restrictions, revision history, etc. Complex menus and options are revealed via dropdown menus and modal windows. And the wiki archive can easily be sorted by recently modified, recently created, and most discussed entries.

What’s more, UserPress works with virtually any WordPress theme. Users can edit and create pages without leaving your site (which means, they don’t have to enter your wp-admin area).

You get to decide which users groups get to edit or create pages. And you can even lock down specific pages with their own special user permissions (so that only your tusted users/employees can edit wiki pages).

What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a document, typically a web page, that anyone can edit, much like Wikipedia. UserPress turns WordPress into a power wiki platform.

Why do I need a wiki?

Create user manuals, document your company procedures or create a dedicated wiki site like Travelpedia…using any WordPress theme.


– Categories, Tags and Sub-pages

– Automatic Table of Contents

– Track Page Changes

– Flag and Moderate

– History and Revision Notes

– Archives & Sorting

– and much more…

For more information on UserPress visit http://www.userpress.org

Get UserPress here!

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