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How to Backup WordPress to a Local Computer

Backing up your WordPress site is one of those essential things that don’t get spoken about nearly as often as they should. We’ve already reviewed the best WordPress online backup tool, BackupBuddy, and today we are going to talk about another tool which allows you to backup your site to your local computer. This piece of software is Backup Smart.

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How to Automatically Get Notified When a Plugin is Updated

One of the major problems with security on WordPress sites is the fact that many people are careless with the updating of plugins. When there is a security vulnerability in a plugin and it gets fixed, it is very important that we update it, else we are leaving the door open to potential hackers. You might have many blogs or be using many plugins, so keeping track of all plugin updates is not always an easy task. Thankfully there is a plugin that sends you an email whenever one of your installed plugins is updated.

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Best Google Maps Plugins for WordPress

In this post we take a look at how Google Maps works and examine the best Google Maps plugins for WordPress. Everything from a simple map for one location to maps showing user’s search results!

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How to Load JavaScripts into WordPress Themes

JQuery and other JavaScript frameworks are very commonly used in WordPress themes and plugins, but not all developers load them correctly. Learn how to properly load them using the wp_enqueue_script function in WordPress.

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WordPress Speed Optimization Guide

The load speed of your website is essential, you need a fast site because slow sites annoy users, meaning less visitors to your site. Secondly, search engines also consider the speed of your site when generating their rankings. There are a number of factors influencing the load speed of a WordPress site, so in this post we will examine the top 5 factors that affect WP site load speed.

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The Custom Post Types Guide for WordPress

WordPress 3 comes with the ability to create Custom Post Types, which makes it very simple for us developers to extend WordPress and use it as a proper CMS for any business need. Apart from the default Posts and Pages, we can now create custom types to better suit our content, and make it easier for users to update the site. In this guide we explore many options for creating custom post types and custom meta boxes to go with them.

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