Freelance WordPress Blogger

We are currently looking for freelance writers who can produce 2-3 list posts per week, mostly theme and plugin roundups. Some examples:

We need writers who are good at WordPress and have technical knowledge about it. Another type of post we want you to write is in-depth plugin reviews.

Please fill in the form if you’d like to create such posts for WP Mayor. This is a great opportunity to also build some backlinks to your site and get your name out there.

What We Are Looking For?

High quality WordPress Related Tutorials/Tips. This includes tutorials on using certain plugins, frameworks,  theme or plugin development guides, security and optimization tips.

Why Write For WP Mayor?

  1. Exposure – WP Mayor is a well ranked and highly trafficked website.
  2. Backlink – All authors receive a backlink to their website (you can add a keyword rich link in your author description).
  3. Branding – Showing people how awesome you are with WordPress and sharing your skills can help increase the moral of your brand and make you stand out in the WP community.
  4. Social – All blog posts have an author box that displays the authors description, link to their site, their twitter account, their Google Plus, LinkedIn account (all optional of course).
  5. Money – Yes, we do have paid positions available as well. We do request a free post though first to assess your skills. If interested in a paid position please let us know what you would like to write about for your “test” post – Thanks! If you are a well known blogger/WordPress expert we might not require an initial free post, so please show examples of your work.

Apply Today

  • Preference will be given to those who already have experience in writing such list posts.