A Week of REST Announces Detailed Program and Two Full Scholarships

Written by Petya Raykovska
Written by Petya Raykovska

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A Week of REST is a week long bootcamp dedicated to teaching developers how to build WordPress and JavaScript applications using the WordPress REST API.

A Week of REST will host a limited number of developers for a week-long workshop from 5th to 9th of September 2016. The event will be in Darwin Lake, Matlock in the United Kingdom. Attendees will get hands-on experience from Ryan McCue, co-lead of the REST API project, and Joe Hoyle, CTO of Human Made, and in-person training from leading WordPress educator, Zac Gordon.

Announcing two full scholarships

This week we’re excited to announce that we’ll grant two full tickets to the event to students or persons from under-represented groups in the tech industry. People can apply for the scholarship on the Week of REST website by July 29th, 2016.

The WordPress REST API is transforming how people use WordPress, opening it up to new technologies and communities. We want to enable people from under-represented groups in technology to develop the skills they need to use the REST API and further their career.

The event program

The detailed program for the event features a balance of lectures, practical exercises, Q&A, and project work. Here is the base:

  • in-depth lectures that refresh you on the basics and dive deeply into building front-end applications
  • exercises that will familiarise you with new concepts
  • a project in which you will build a React-powered application from scratch
  • opportunities for Q&A and discussions

“Every developer that comes to the workshop will walk away with the skills to build a React-powered WordPress-application from scratch”, says Joe Hoyle, CTO of Human Made and one of the instructors at A Week of REST.

Who qualifies for the scholarships?

Scholars must be working or seeking work in the field of web development or design. The primary demographics for scholarships are:

  • Unemployed & Jobseekers
  • Under-employed
    • those trained in a field but not currently working in it
    • retirees on a fixed income
    • pursuing a part-time degree as a non-traditional student
  • Under-represented groups in tech, including but not limited to:
    • Women
    • Transgender
    • BAME applicants
  • Students
    • You should be in a relevant degree program and plan to seek employment in a related field

What does a scholar receive?

Scholarship tickets have a value of £1500, and include:

  • all workshops and training
  • accommodation
  • meals
  • transfer to Derby or Matlock station

How to apply

To apply, people should complete this form.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the A Week of REST Scholarship is 29th July 2016 at midnight CET. A decision will be made and all applicants will be emailed by 5th August 2016.

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Petya Raykovska
Petya is the Senior Project Manager at Human Made and an experienced event organiser. WordPress contributor.



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